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  1. I think I will be interested in it since am also looking for roommate or sibling. I am easy going and in my final year in college. with the arrangement is there something that is involved
  2. Hi how are u. My name is Baaba. We can be friends the only thing is am in college so I get a bit busy with school stuff so don't come online like I want to. We can be friends for starters until i graduate. is left with two classes more than graduate. I have started to look for land and place to live since i want to live with a friend or room mate. I am easy going and also i believe that people need privacy at times. My name is baaba ross. you can search for my name too
  3. I have been in SL for a while but I took a break and am back. I have seen lots of changes and also lost in touch with my close friends. I want to know if there is anyone willingly take me as a roommate. At least, someone, I can talk to and feel at home with. I respect people's privacy and will not affect you. Thank you. My name is Baaba Ross or can call me babe
  4. I lost my friends after a while too. I had problems with my previous avi so i changed it. I contact my close friend to let her know what was going on, we never because close like before it, it hurts. so I have been walking around alone. but I really want friends to hang with.
  5. Well, my name is Baaba. Can call me babe? Live in est. I joined so where it was free and can go to places uninvited have fun and crash into people wedding. that was then. Now Sl is different. I l lost some friends due to causes so became hiatus. I broke up with a guy in SL and so needed to take time off. My favorite places are no more available. bodies, dresses and still using my old body and scared to get mesh body. Ah well, I love fashion and dressing up. I want to make friends again. Plz if you want a good friend call me in the world. is Baaba
  6. I know the feeling. I am a black woman in SL and RL. when I started here I saw lots of black folks but know can't seem to find them n more. It gets a bit lonely when you want to associate yourself with your people and is impossible. Am an African American woman
  7. Just mute her. If you do not owe her money forget abt it. If she continue to threating you file an abuse report
  8. Baaba

    does metabizlist work

    Oo I see i worked with them in 2009 but I wanted to an another business with them. Do you have any suggestions of a sl business directory I can advertise my business Thanks
  9. Baaba

    does metabizlist work

    they have iworked with them before since 2009 and I came back to register for another business with them.
  10. I am renting a sky apartment which is unfurnished. It is a texture changing loft and very spacious. i am renting it for L$100 a week. Contact me if u need more information. Name is Baaba(babe) Plz send me a message through im. thanks.
  11. I have registered in metabizlist to register for my business after I needed it to be approve its been 8 days now. Are they still in business or what
  12. Baaba

    Parcel and account

    i checked my transaction history and found out about a parcel directory fee i don't understand
  13. As a premium member when do we received our stipends and the L$300. I have not recieved an money yet. the L300.
  14. Hi I would be happy i I became your sl sister. I have also wanted to be part of family too. My name is Baaba Howard. Am down to earth
  15. When I downloaded the new version. I cannot see my avatar. I only see my name and white substance. People see me clearly but I cannot for a week now. Also when i log in its clear, i see no image i cannot even even red my profile nd ask for help. The only thing I see is debug. I hve no idea what is. Plz help. this is making Sl life miserable
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