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  1. The whipping, the chains, the subjugation, all that I can do. Bad checks: no, cannot do. Rudeness: never been rude.
  2. Hi Luschious, What is your definition of "cruel"? All kinds of cruelty.
  3. Hmmmm...so true...that is almost profound + inspiring /me looks to the darkened sky, flies into the night in search of more prey :matte-motes-evil:
  4. My recent perspective is like what Samantha has said. Unless a slave/sub shows sincerity (in addition to compatibility) to be "owned" by me, I will not freely give out collars. I have encountered too many wannabees with excuses and/or disappearing acts, even after we get along.
  5. Part of the fun is making new friends. Online friends come and go due to RL situations, some stay, but most leave if you are gone for long periods of time. Welcome back!
  6. Besides using the golden ratio that has already been said, proportion in terms of realism and non-realism depends on your preference. If you look in art books, comic books, and so on, proportion depends on the type of charcter being pictured. Superman who has to look impressive will have non-realisitic proportions, same as Wonder Woman. Personally I like to be more-than-real, so my legs are a bit longer than normal and I tend to wear more skirts and dresses to accentuate my longer legs. Visually, you cannot tell, but by using the Golden Ratio, I am off-standard. Best things to look is to either use the Golden Ratio or to use art/drawing books for proportion standards.
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