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  1. It's been 4 days since I AR'ed what I found not in theme next door. But only after living next to it since August, with everything blacklisted, in the hopes of them reading the covenant. I finally decided to just move instead. I saw the parcel being claimed and abandoned quite a few times until I stopped checking. It may be, since it's been that many days, that the decor has been deemed appropriate and that I am just to sensitive about what I think would be in theme or not I'm ok with that.
  2. I'm very appreciative to whomever abandoned this houseboat parcel which we got in Trafalgar. We decided to pack up and leave our first houseboat after losing patience with our neighbours decor. It was reported but not yet dealth with. The good thing with packing everything meant it didn't take long to move into our new home.
  3. The walls are put togheter from scavanged parts from other builds. The wall frame is sculpty the rest mesh. Not sophisticated but it works
  4. Thank you! It was a fun challenge and I really like Airstreams. Could never afford one, but they look great. The kitchen cabinets are from Little Hopper. They worked out well
  5. It was a challenge but the Shenandoah came out quite good after some fretting about walls.😊 Love the location in Decker!
  6. I'm happy to have a houseboat and finally we've finished decorationg our Wallower. It got a little bit of a groove going on.
  7. Triangular parcel with one side protected by the well-tended Wellington Road in Thylacine on Jeogeot. 406 land capacity. 5000L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thylacine/130/174/92
  8. Cute small corner parcel (triangle) for sale. All sides protected 2 roadside and 1 side to Bay City Municipal Land Park. General rated land, 432 m2 and 296 LI (land capasity). SLurl to parcel
  9. I'm quite surprised the builds are just mainly one room per floor (if two floors). I would guess most would like a few rooms to decorate. So it would leave setting up walls or your own home/build. I have a feeling most will go for the latter.
  10. Might be an idea to give Pulse a visit. If I recall they have skin lines adapted to different life stages. They're not on MP with much but here's a slurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pulse%20Skin/169/165/176
  11. Paypal does seem to operate in many countries. However once you check more closely the wording are different depending on which country you are in. For example For Bosnia and Herzegovina: Withdraw funds from your PayPal account: To your Visa card issued in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To your US bank account. For the country I'm in Norway: Withdraw funds from your PayPal account: To your local bank account. To your US bank account. And so on for Bulgaria: Withdraw funds from your PayPal account: To your credit, debit, or prepaid card. To your US bank account. And The UK: Withdraw funds from your PayPal account: To your local bank account. For faster withdrawal to your local bank account. To your US bank account. Link here Armenia for instance can only send trough Paypal not cash-in.
  12. Hello. I'm the somewhat bewildered purchaser of the product. Sorry for not catching you online Madeliefste but I have sent you a reply. I just want to add a few things from my end about what happened. I will also send a ticket about this when I get back from work today, if I have still not been charged for the purchase. - The item was bought well before the maintanence started. - I did not use the shopping cart. - The item was a bit delayed but I recieved it within 15 min. - I noticed something was wrong because I didn't get deducted any Lindens. Easy to tell since I was only buying that one product. - I was on Mainland while I got it but the region I was on had not been recently offline nor did it go offline just after. - I rezzed the objects to make sure they were really "there" before alerting Madeliefste to check what happened at her end.
  13. This is a handy page to read to learn more about the destination guide :matte-motes-asleep-2: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/About-the-Second-Life-Destination-Guide/ta-p/700059
  14. I had such a system in use for a while. It played music and video on the tenants video stream and allowed for several streams to work at once on one parcel. How this work technically I am not sure but it worked as I have used it for a while. But it also had issues and had to be reset sometimes. Also explaining to people that they had to use video stream rather then music stream got a bit tiresome as many didn't or wouldn't understand Anyway I see the product I use has been discontinued on the marketplace but I will send you a forum message with info about creator and a more detailed description on how it worked.
  15. As it is getting close to next tier date the remaining parcels are now set for sale at 0.3L/sqm. They will remain so until abandoned at the 27th Oct.
  16. Set some more for sale today. If you have any questions about making parcel sizes bigger or smaller where possible please do contact me trough IM's or otecard in-world. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  17. I have to agree with this. Mainly about not having clothes modeled by an avatar in advertisements. Make is quite hard to decide how it's going to look and if it's worth getting a demo (if it's mesh). Was searching trough many adds yesterday for mesh jeans which don't have the "skinny thighs that don't meet at the crotch" kind of look (kind of hard for me to explain without visual aids). A nice add with the clothes on an avatar would have been much preferred than Sl clothes on hangers
  18. Altough some have sold, there's still parcels left for sale
  19. Visit Satang and check out several parcels for sale at 0.5 L/sqm. It is landscaped nicely atm and any copy objects on the parcel can stay until returned. Parcels are however landlocked. Any water features are there because of sunk land. Hence the cheap price. Hope someone who want their own little place will consider taking a look. Some more parcels in the area will be set for sale on the 25th of october. I've had a great stay in the area but I am now moving on :)
  20. After my land totally dropped out of search for about 2 weeks a while back the traffic reporting has not been right. For instance after a music show, with about 10 people hanging out, it still said traffic 21 and did so for several days there after even if I knew I had people visiting for it to be more then that. And again yesterday I had about 15 people hanging out for two hours for live music shows. This usually means traffic of about 1000. After update it's 67. I have just been happy about being in search again so haven't gotten around to reporting this issue.
  21. I treat online relationships as real life ones. Both friendships and now romance. It is the same feelings involved so best to treat those with the same respect as "real life" experienced feelings. I felt just as sad when a friend quit sl as I did when a rl friend moved away. Though in rl I still can get in touch with my friend. This particular sl friend who quit does not mix sl and rl which is a bit of a shame. I will always wonder what happened to her. But yes they are very real to me
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