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  1. I hope we do find out because i will also be there, cant say i will be right in front because a whole bunch of your will already have your tents out at the door before me heheheehhehehe
  2. I truly agree with Arwen, and voted on the jira..just real sad that it is considered a minor priority, when really this is pretty serious...Yes, reviews can be removed by the client, IF they choose to. And I stand by as a merchant that customer service is VERY important, a client is very well deserving on getting what they have paid for, BUT up to what point? I have found as a merchant myself that yes to a point you can do your best to help the customer as best possible. But there are too many who are from competition and will maliciously hurt a product that has no issue, also when you fill in descriptions and give clear instructions ( FYI most clients dont even care to read the descriptions), slurls to the inworld store, company blog links to have the client completely informed they STILL try their luck for refunds and malicious tactics due to their own negligence. Our demos are inworld for them to try and stated in the description of the original product, or else there WOULD BE NO PURPOSE TO AN INWORLD STORE. Why have a store inworld if the marketplace is the only place to shop? We wouldnt need slurls and so forth. We spend thousands on rent for stores and sims for them to come to.....to make nice places for them to visit...(Joining secondlife is for free, but secondlife isnt for free..there are bills that need to be paid.) Not only do they write reviews as a form of passive aggressive methods to get their refund BUT ALSO when you do refund them they quickly remove the review...(so pay me to remove the review smart HUH!? hence the term "Blackmail") Sooooo THE QUESTION lies, What ARE REVIEWS really there for? Are they a form of harassment by certain "clients" to buy and get a product for free by harassing the merchant for refunds on a product that is quite ok, or competition harassment, or a legitimate manner of informing other clients of legitimate reasons of something being wrong or that they are being scammed by merchants? Since, when products are good no one really writes a review, unless by friends or bought (will give you a percentage if you write a review), or honestly a random soul who wants to do something nice out of happiness, or maliciousness which is the majority. Some people adjust their bodies to the requirements, others dont care to but still risk buying products that require adjusting them and complain. So basically give the client the product for free by refunding the client and you stand to lose.... Merchants have a right to defend their business if their business is honest and fair to clients. Fair is not always giving in to a review harassment or passive aggressive blackmail due to the clients negligence. The problem still lies no matter how many signs you put up, how much you write, they dont care to read most of the time, and that is something that is their responsibility. Certain clients will look for anything to have a reason to moan and groan when they want to scam for their money back. I have witnessed some amazing tactics. You cannot remove your product and relist, it is TOS rules, but its amazing how big the reviews are and the comments are hidden which people barely even notice to read even if you do stand up for yourself. We should be able to block clients from purchasing from you on the marketplace if they are a risk to our business. You cant really flag the item if it is not enflaming speech, hate speech, spam, off-subject posting, advertising or commercial promo.... basically a client can do what they want depending on their wording concerning your product to how they see fit and how they wish to manipulate you to what they want. You should be able to notify Linden Labs with a review harassment listing but giving Linden Labs proof of the entire interaction that occured with the client and the merchant. We should be able to BAN people who are careless and a danger to our businesses in the marketplace as we do inworld or END THE REVIEW SYSTEM. But something needs to be done. You have people reviewing demos, items for free and all kinds of forms of ridiculousness. Reason I make them go inworld to get their demos to try, they get to see the store, the sim as well. Who in their right mind reviews a demo?? I have personally bought products that are perfectly fine and people have given the most horrendous reviews on them... just goes to show you.... just saying..... but then again I have been scammed out of thousands by merchants who say their products have things in their products that they dont and when confronted they dont even care to refund and are rather rude to add to it...(lesson learnt and as a normal person simply didnt shop there again, end of story) so how does one stand in this pool of a mess??? Being a client and a merchant this is very conflicting, but what other solution is there? We deserve to protect our massive investments and credibility, and we have the right to choose with whom we wish to do business with. Why shop again at a store that you have just caused a polemic with? I consider it GRIEFING. We have to live with the daily stress of these annoying souls who come harassing us and we cant do nothing about it. Maybe if these people see they arent welcome to purchase at our stores anymore, they might learn to be more attentive to read before they buy, signs and be better and responsible clients. Why wouldnt a good merchant want to keep a client? We definitely do, we need the money TO PAY OUR BILLS.... but there are clients that are not worth having and we need the right to defend ourselves.
  3. I find this all very interesting, but it is still not explaining why this is ONLY happening to one or two avatars out of hundreds. Many mesh creators design and it fits so many perfectly, but I discovered through one particular client that had her head unusually smaller than the average avatar that her eyes popped out, I used several avatars to test the same item even the original avatar that i came into secondlife with and everything was perfect .... so how does this explain this particular client who was a normal human avatar, no prim anything stripped herself naked of all attachements and only when she used a normal shape did the problem stop. It was when she modified the shape back to her original numbers did the problem come back....
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