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  1. I made friends with someone but forgot too add him as a friend:( we were talking too each other in IM Message. lol I forgot his name. Is there anyway, i Can see who I last IM messaged? thanks. call911 need too find him:(
  2. Why did linden lab take away, last name choosing? Keep last name choosing. While, adding the new display name feature? Keeping both of them established at the same time very unfair, it is like linden lab is forcing yyuou to use their display name system.
  3. it suck and is very unfair to new users what is it's purpose? : ( I hate it lol, when i am around others they call me Call. they call me a newbie also, all cause i have resident as a last name . And they can still see my user name this suck :( Purpose of display Names /;
  4. display names is just awful . i wish it all will go away and be the way second life use to be, in the beginning . So many new user's can not enjoy sl . I do not want to walk around secondlife , with a display name that anyone can set their display-name to, as-well . has linden lab, have a debate about display names ? . this is so unfair . i feel below many other residents , when-ever i play secondlife . com . it's harder to make friend's . Also, Why have they taken away the 3rd party sign-ups ?
  5. http://www.emagine.jp/regapi/secondlife.php http://islab.org/slreg/ http://sl.nmc.org/create.php?v=2 http://registration.nanolands.com/ http://registration.scilands.org.uk/ http://registration.secondhealth.org.uk/ http://www.thevesuviusgroup.com/reg/vai/slreg/index.php not work me =< ugh i qive ! my name awful :womanmad:
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