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  1. I'm not home right now so cannot check but I'm fairly certain that I am checking properly. I have a small sliver of grass land between the porches and the land border which is where I've been clicking. When I check properties on the house itself I get more building related info rather than land info. I wasn't aware there was LL help chat so will look into that. Thaks again for replying.
  2. Aha! Well that is good to know, thanks! But if that is the case, I take it the house will also stay until that time as well. Thanks for replying to me.
  3. Hi there. So I've posted before looking for a way to kick my house to the curb and was told to right click the land and select "abandon" but for me that option is greyed out. Why I wonder? I need to unload this useless albatross. Is this much trouble ditching these homes normal? I'm getting increasingly desperate. I'm subscribed on the premium quarterly plan so downgrading before the quarter is up would be a waste but I'll do it if it's the only way. Can anyone weigh in on this and offer an alternative suggestion? It would be warmly welcomed and very much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I do have a Meadowbrook house and I do not see where in land properties an option to abandon. Currently where I am located I can't rez or run scipts and find this very limiting. Where is that elusive option everyone keeps referring to, please?
  5. Looks like my options are limited as far as land properties go in the default Linden house so it might be time to kick it to the curb and get real land of my own. Thanks again!
  6. Yes, I did do that this morning but I was not sure whether it would continue to allow access if I was not in the house. I appreciate your going the extra step, however, discussing the rez issue and I will be looking more carefully at those options. Many thanks once again! Cheers!
  7. How obviously simple! Thank you so very much for the reply I appreciate it :-0
  8. Hi, So I just have a quick question about locking the door in my Linden house. I want to allow a girlfriend access so she can changes clothes etc. in a quiet and private place. Is there an access list I can add user names to? Thanks in advance,
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