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  1. Hello if you are on windows 10, and the grapic card says it needs updating ..u need to dowload the 32 bit firestorm vierer and not the 62 bit one..problem solved... might still need to downloas a new driver on occasion..i have the same problem.... so whenever it is a new dowload remeber to download the 32 bit one from now on..or until you get a new laptop ..gl mrsrambo29 aka Kate ambo
  2. You can add me if i ever get back into Sl..i was trying to add the new firestorm vierer to no avail with windows 10...i know the people who own a club and i am the talent scout...Brazen head..is the place look in serch and tell Thalia Pleids that i sent you...my name in sl is Kate Alice Vaughan (mrsrambo29 Resident)..have fun!
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