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  1. This will be great :matte-motes-big-grin: Join the group to win prizes every 15 minutes and to be on the Neon 80's Contest Board to win 1000L's on the board. it will be awesome. Group inviter at the door and buy the stage
  2. I just got an RL divorce back in June and am just now able to go by September 2011 to get my RL maiden name back and am changing Checkin account to opening a new one for SL as well. once i get all that finished i need to know who i have to contact of all RL info being changed to something else so my NurseAJ Hotshot don't get locked on. my Email address will remain same but the RL name i am about to change back to my maiden name on it as well so i don't wish to comfuse everyone. plz help ty NurseAJ Hotshot
  3. My thought on that one is i still have mine there so this must be a joke to just be saying stuff. Facebook accounts are all still active that i see of and then some i have new facebook friends that are friends of 3 years join facebook and added me there as well so seems this is only a roomer.
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