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  1. Fairre, Genus project and Genesis are NOT the same company and the heads/skins are not interchangeable. It is not a rebranding, the creators left one company and started their own. Genus heads have had so many major issues with the animations, the layers (lack of) the hud, the rigging... that the creator tries to steer people away from the inworld group and even bans from the group people who point out the issues. It's been over 2 months since the creator says she has a total fix, no sign of an update and defective heads continue to be sold. But that is GENUS PROJECT, not Genesis labs.
  2. Forgive me if this is a common question but I didn't see it asked recently. With the new upgrades coming to the SL Experiences function... Someone told me that Experiences can allow another to access a persons LL account to enable things like transfer of inventory, transfer of L's or access to personal data. This doesn't sound right but I don't see the documentation to prove otherwise. Input please?
  3. Holy cow folks! Performance dance is alive and thriving in SL every day of the week and all time zones. I'd suggest checking out the DanceQueens Calendar for just a start.. https://sldancequeens.blogspot.com/p/dance-queens-calendar.html There are 'Burlesque' style shows and Cabaret (less nudity usually), theme shows, anything you could want rated from G to XX. Alice, most of the dance troupes take new dancers wanting to learn and there are classes to use the tools also. Please be aware though, it's labor and time intensive and it costs way more real money than you are ever likely to make. It'
  4. Google is your friend folks. Yes, with the Windows 8 OS you can download the SL viewer. Some tabs have better hardware than others but almost all have better than many older pc's. Don't just believe me, check it out. http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2013/04/second-life-on-the-lenovo-thinkpad-tablet-2.html Also, Lumiya has excellent visual graphics but does not support mesh that I know of yet.
  5. It's true you can't use the skins used for regular avatars on petites but there are loads of skin textures ready to apply (and it's not at all difficult to do), there are interchangeable heads, hands, feet, legs/mer tails, legs/hooves... goodness so many options. So far the only thing I haven't found ready made for a petite was vampire fangs and scuba tanks. :smileytongue: Petite av's by Yabu have copy and modifiable parts allowing these options. Many of the micro's are NOT modifiable so what you see is forever what you get. The initial investment is about the same as a really nice AV.
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