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  1. I have been visited by the Lindens personally at my AFK sim and have had a nice chat. I've called them on a couple of occasions because I do not want to break TOS. The renters at my sim are very active in group chat, and we keep a very close eye on everyone that enters the sim. We will simply eject anyone that even comes close to resembling a minor. There is not one bot on our sim. We don't operate that way. I'm not in competition for anyone with traffic. I feel there are an average of 50,000 avis on the grid - plenty of business for all of us. If other business are upset that they can't compete with the traffic, why not just put "not afk" in your description so you can rank with us? I seen one do that the other day and though...you sly little sucker, but it's smart. Good for them. In the end, I try not to take it all too seriously. I hope we all do well - AFK or not. Good luck, everyone! <3
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