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  1. Beautiful private island beach sim that currently has established renters. I would love to have time to give them notice for moving if possible. Please contact me in-world with your offers. Transfer fee is $100. Monthly tier is $229. Serious offers only. Low bids will get no response. I will be accepting offers until 9/6/20. Please submit a NC in-world with your offer. I'll contact the winning bidder. You can view the property here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shaka Brah/74/112/22
  2. I own a furniture store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/83970 . I am by no means a mesh creator, but I do spend hours adding animations, texturing products, making huds, and a bit of scripting if I want to add a bit of unique flair to my items. I purchase my mesh from in-world and MP creators, and I love purchasing these full perm items from my fellow residents. I believe we should all support each other. It's a win/win. They make a sale - I get my furniture. My issue is I'm interested in participating in events. When I go to fill out applications, they are very clear that if yo
  3. BD is amazing! Following this in case there's any news about exporting poses. I would so love if i could also pose other avis (like by asking for perms from them) - Can you imagine the photos?
  4. I have been visited by the Lindens personally at my AFK sim and have had a nice chat. I've called them on a couple of occasions because I do not want to break TOS. The renters at my sim are very active in group chat, and we keep a very close eye on everyone that enters the sim. We will simply eject anyone that even comes close to resembling a minor. There is not one bot on our sim. We don't operate that way. I'm not in competition for anyone with traffic. I feel there are an average of 50,000 avis on the grid - plenty of business for all of us. If other business are upset that they can't compe
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