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  1. Land for sale with 3 sides of LL protected property and sits on open waterway on the continent of Sansara. $30,000L - non-negotiable. 4864m with 1669 LI available. Here's a gyazo of property: https://gyazo.com/8e007a7d3a2072572f65fb984e5e5828 . I will leave the house and landscaping, and you can just send back if you don't want it. You can view it here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shaka/132/165/25
  2. You can analyze the reports on your merchant home, and use that info to your advantage. Look at you top searched products. Why is your #1 product the top searched? Did you use more relevant keywords? Did you list a trending product? Did you categorize it more specifically than the others? Pick your info provided apart and study the trends You're definitely asking the right questions if your serious about making a little ching ching lol. I use the reports offered on the Merchants Home section daily to view trends when pertaining to my products.
  3. Page Views or clicking as you call it may have a small impact on relevance, BUT in my experience, page views can detect if it's the same person clicking the page. So, if the same person views the page 100 times, it will only count as one view.
  4. I'm an e-Comm marketing manager in RL. I can tell you how it works for websites I manage. One factor may be how the MP customer sorts their results (ie relevance, newest, highest rated, etc). It defaults to relevance. So, I'm guessing that would mean how relevant the keywords are. Then sales would probably come into play (only on the relevance sort). So if someone searched for "boat," the results that would be displayed are those that have the word "boat" in the title or keywords. It's crucial you utilize the keywords on the edit item listing page. Although I've seen tons of people abuse
  5. Beautiful private island beach sim that currently has established renters. I would love to have time to give them notice for moving if possible. Please contact me in-world with your offers. Transfer fee is $100. Monthly tier is $229. Serious offers only. Low bids will get no response. I will be accepting offers until 9/6/20. Please submit a NC in-world with your offer. I'll contact the winning bidder. You can view the property here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shaka Brah/74/112/22
  6. I own a furniture store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/83970 . I am by no means a mesh creator, but I do spend hours adding animations, texturing products, making huds, and a bit of scripting if I want to add a bit of unique flair to my items. I purchase my mesh from in-world and MP creators, and I love purchasing these full perm items from my fellow residents. I believe we should all support each other. It's a win/win. They make a sale - I get my furniture. My issue is I'm interested in participating in events. When I go to fill out applications, they are very clear that if yo
  7. BD is amazing! Following this in case there's any news about exporting poses. I would so love if i could also pose other avis (like by asking for perms from them) - Can you imagine the photos?
  8. I have been visited by the Lindens personally at my AFK sim and have had a nice chat. I've called them on a couple of occasions because I do not want to break TOS. The renters at my sim are very active in group chat, and we keep a very close eye on everyone that enters the sim. We will simply eject anyone that even comes close to resembling a minor. There is not one bot on our sim. We don't operate that way. I'm not in competition for anyone with traffic. I feel there are an average of 50,000 avis on the grid - plenty of business for all of us. If other business are upset that they can't compe
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