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  1. It's true, the rules do change and even people working the phones at LL may not be up on all changes. (And even in the absence of new policy, 'group land' issues can be incredibly intricate.)
  2. Makes sense (and it's a while since I've dropped tier, so: good to know!)
  3. It could be important to realize that changing the radio button on the secondlife.com website is NOT going to work (to help a person avoid paying extra tier) if they fail to drop group donation INWORLD, on the Group's Land window. That is the crucial and deciding action. If you only click on the website radio button, you'll end up paying extra tier. On the topic of the new Auction page: PLEASE, please do make the sorting default "end date"---as it is now, each time a particular parcel is clicked on and then the back-button is employed, we go back to a randomly-sorted page. It's ti
  4. I did search throughout the Forums (as well as the Blogs, Knowledge Base, etc) and all I can find is the Grid Status page, which states that the problems with the Land Auctions are resolved. Yet just a few minutes ago, I signed in (a couple of minutes before the auction was to take place, at noon SL time)---yet was unable to submit a bid. The error message said that I had timed out. Is anyone else experiencing this? (I realize that only a fraction of SL users sign into the Auctions, but maybe I'll get lucky and someone will know something about this.) If the times have been reset to
  5. I'd like to be courteous and thank the LL employee who dealt with the Support Case I submitted (to set for sale to me a parcel adjoining land I owned). But to do so, I'd have to re-open the Case. I have a feeling that re-opening the Case might not be appreciated--undermining my intent to say "thank you for this." What have others done in a similar situation? What's the etiquette involved?
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