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  1. We had an amazing opening last week and the sim is already populating with great roleplayers. I invite anyone interested to stop by. The flavor is dark, intense, paragraph-style roleplay around the Westeros theme. We
  2. It is not. I was not affiliated with that sim.
  3. Just adding that while we open for RP tomorrow, our first official "event" will be occuring at 1pm SLT this Saturday.
  4. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Westeros%20Landing/101/72/1001 Opening Friday, 11/17: King's Landing - based on the fantasy world created by George RR Martin in his series "A Song of Ice and Fire". Our story: The year is 47, the fifth year of the rule of Maegor Targaryen, First of His Name - also known as Maegor the Cruel. It's been nearly a year since the King has made a public appearance, yet his edicts and laws continue to spill forth from the Red Keep in a wild tumble of sometimes harsh and often illogical commands to those great and small alike. The Small Council is dead, said to be found as a group in their chamber with their throats slit - yet no one speaks openly of how such a thing might occur. The Tower of the Hand stands empty and imposing, waiting for another brave enough to ascend its ebon heights. Outside the walls of the newly completed Red Keep, the Faith Militant is restless. Skirmishes between the Warrior's Sons and the newly formed Gold Cloaks are not unheard of - Poor Fellows roam the outskirts of every city and town. Everywhere, smallfolk and noble alike are besieged by contradictory loyalty and opportunity. Crime is rampant and those charged with preventing it are as oft likely to be the perpetrators as the justice. Whispers of the loyalties of the royal family are on every tongue - and the Seven Kingdoms...wait.
  5. The year is somewhere around 2127. Its early in the summer season. The sands should be damp with late spring rains, but instead a storm of sand ravages the lands to the west. Sand cyclones whip through settlements, have enveloped entire trade caravans and hunters, water-gatherers and scavengers huddle in makeshift shelters or caves, waiting out the worst. Those lucky enough to get ahead of the buffeting winds travel east - toward the relative safety and bounty of Thinis. The refugees arrive alone and in groups. Some struggle in with provisions for a few days, some for a couple of weeks. Few have much in the way of water by the time they arrive. But, word has spread throughout the sands and arrive they do. Huddled in the ruins of what was once a grand hotel, they seek what shelter can be found in numbers and the relative protection of the marble and steel remnants of luxury beyond the imagining of most. The building, recognizable by the marble pillars that once surrounding great fountains and gardens, can be found at the edge of the city. The ruined first floor is home to various bits of furniture that scavengers have pulled back over the years to make it their own and now those same bits may represent survival and a new beginning for this new group of Thinis residents. Looking to be part of this? As one of the refugees, you can drop into the story from the moment you enter the sim. The Thinis "official" opening begins at 2pm SLT today and will continue until Sunday, July 10th. Please feel free to drop by or to IM Silua Mills in world for more information.
  6. Our sim is placed over 3 sims, but almost all the RP territory is on the main sim. The other two are meant to be rental venues (in the sky) to help pay the tier of the first. Its how I paid for my first RP sim..though I have a feeling it won't pay for as big a portion of this one.
  7. The builder originally put out a ton of barrels with fires in them that were all giving out particle smoke. The result was that at any given time, Thinis was literally full of particles. Anyone who didn't lag in Shadowrun shouldn't lag in Thinis now. Those barrels have all had the smoke prim removed. I think you'll find that there's actually a ton of playable space if you come and look again though, Damienn. There are buildings behind buildings with floor after floor of usable space. The other task I've taken on myself since having the build turned over by Djehan has been to add a lot more light sources and more bits of color throughout the sims. Its supposed to be dark and dystopian, but that doesn't mean there can't be some contrast and lighter portions. The changes and additions will be continuing throughout the rest of the week. I do apologize if I came into this thread and spoke only about my own sim - but since my sim was I believe wrongfully categorized, I think it was the right thing to do. We've been in soft open for a month now and are going to have our grand opening with a huge sim-wide roleplay plot involving travelers and survivors from the wastes coming in and forcing their way into opening businesses (barter system) and perhaps opening more gangs and factions.
  8. Whoa - I never claimed not to be associated with Thinis. I own it and this avatar is far, far from new. I asked an honest question. What is it about Thinis you find Gorean? If you truly feel that way, please state what it is about the sim that seems that way.
  9. Thinis is -not- Gor roleplay. There are slave characters in Thinis as there are in a lot of non-gor sims. But, its not meant to be gorean RP or to revolve around a BDSM theme. We would like to work to make the theme more clear if that's what people are perceiving. Could anyone answer why they think the sim is Gor? We are aware that a lot of people are wearing clothing that might be seen in Gorean sims because its ragged and pieced together as might happen after an apocalypse. Is that the issue or something else? Input would be appreciated. We are trying to make an immersive, interesting environment that hasn't been done before. Our story is new. Our concept is a little more convulted than it needs to be, likely - but we'd welcome suggestions, ideas and constructive comments.
  10. Thinis is post-apoc, VERY post-apoc. We are however, not cyberpunk. We're just opening now. If anyone is interested in building gangs, factions, businesses - this is the time to get involved (I'm starting to feel like a spokesperson). But, what you'll find here is quality, para-rp in a human only, VERY dsytopian environment with a build that I think rivals anything on the grid. Have a look! http://www.thinisthesim.com .
  11. To answer the original question, Thinis is adult, humans only. The sim admins have nothing against other types of characters, but our story is a human one.
  12. Tier costs are really too high for RP sims. Anyone running one should be prepared to pay the full cost every month - because with the economy today, you'll be sorely disappointed if you have to rely on other help or rental income. With that said, I hope that people will consider trying out Thinis - especially with our "official" grand opening coming this weekend and next week. A huge portion of our player base has arrived as refugees and been pleasantly surprised at the familiar faces and the dark and dangerous nature of the RP. We're going to be opening up several "businesses" and opportunities for gangs and other groups that will arrive next week as part of our opening storyline. I hope that people will pop by and take a look. http://www.thinisthesim.com
  13. Thank you, Dresdan. This is good news. I really hope they introduce something soon. With a brand new sim already picking up members its very difficult to do without group chat and it is only working about one try out of ten.
  14. Like many sim owners, group chat is driving me insane. I know the last plans to fix it were scrapped. What I don't know is if the plan is to simply leave it broken now, to try another fix or to expect those who need group chat functionality for community building to use outside software. This is a huge, community-killing issue. Could we please get an update?
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