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  1. In need of a mesh wrestling belt for the waist and shoulder. IM and NC me ASAP if you can do custom work for a fair price
  2. The founder of Premier Wrestling Trey Steele speaks at SLB16
  3. Premier Wrestling is a professional wrestling organization filmed LIVE in Second Life and placed on YouTube. We are now hiring wrestlers, commentators, and referees. When your hired with Premier Wrestling you will go through our training program to learn the basics of performing on screen. No we are NOT mud wrestling lol we are like the WWE/WWF. Once you have graduated from training which only takes a week or two you will start earning Linden from 80L to 200L per event. Your pay is based off of how dedicated you are and wanting to do the very best you can for Premier Wrestling. -Requirements- +MUST be Reliable +Commentators (MUST Have Mic) ***Fill out the application below*** https://forms.gle/uGTZvbkn4AVRYJR48 -Our Website- https://sites.google.com/view/premierwrestling/home
  4. Premier Wrestling is a organization based in Second Life. Premier Wrestling has hard hitting action to voice drama, featuring some of the best virtual wrestlers in the world! We are filmed on location, then later the show is placed on our social media accounts. Please subscribe to our YouTube account. More information on how to come to our show LIVE will be located on our website.
  5. Second Life Wrestling If you subscribe I subscribe back https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTVFVkLEjNlEatf66HWRKgQ
  6. I'm looking for someone who can build me a wrestling belt in mesh for a decent price in a reasonable time frame. Please IM and NC me so I can get back with you.
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