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  1. Premier Wrestling is a professional wrestling organization filmed LIVE in Second Life and placed on YouTube. We are now hiring wrestlers, commentators, extras, and referees. When you're hired with Premier Wrestling you will go through our training program to learn the basics of performing on screen. No we are NOT mud wrestling lol we are like the WWE/WWF/AEW/TNA. Once you have graduated from training which only takes a week or two you will start earning Linden from 100L to 200L per event. Your pay is based on how dedicated you are among other attributes. -Requirements-
  2. Who got FIRED? Who RETURNED back to Premier Wrestling? Did the Doobienator finally ESCAPE? Who was set on FIRE? Who walked out with the championship GOLD? You got the questions! We got the answers! Premier Wrestling presents to you our Season 7 Finale Episode on YOUTUBE featuring top wrestlers such as Honey Potts, Siegfried Montgomery, Trey Steele, Xander Garcia, Insidious, Lord Geoffery, Rebel Sweetheart, and so much more! This show was hosted by Ryan Jameson, Paul Slater, and Dante. Please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
  3. Premier Wrestling is based in Second Life giving you top WRESTLING action each week on YOUTUBE. This episode of Premier Wrestling features wrestling stars such as Nakita, Doobienator, Gambit, The Hunter, Tyler Crisis, Isaiah Jenkins, Honey Potts, BK, The Omen, and so much more! This show was hosted by Dante, Violet Tophat, and the return of Mace. Please support us by SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube channel today. Thank you for you support we couldn't do this without YOU. -Video Link-
  4. THANK YOU all for your support for helping us have another SOLD OUT event. All of the donations we receive help us pay the wrestlers for their hard work. Our wrestlers put their bodys on the line each week for all of you fans out there. This week on Premier Wrestling was no different, we had a HUGE show down which included a NEW Champion and a BIG return. Premier Wrestling is filmed in Second Life and later posted to our YouTube Channel for your enjoyment. This episode featured top stars such as The Ace, The Omen, The Gambit, Jasmine Tryce, Rebel Sweetheart, Trey Steele, and soo much more! Thi
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