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  1. Try to contact customer service with an online chat. That's one of the benefits of premium service.
  2. SillyName09

    Problem with SL.

    Earlier today I had a problem getting into certain areas. Apparently they were temporarily closed. I kept trying and they opened back up after like a half hour.
  3. I think I was at Sunrise Beach and the program crashed. When I attempted to login it tried but failed (the screen went to where I was when I left yesterday. It wouldn't log me in. I have the right login (I used the "remember me" function). Some things I tried: 1) logging in to a different area, 2) starting in basic mode instead of advanced, 3) re-booting the computer and trying again, 4) turning my dsl connection off and then back on. What else can I do? ***BTW, my login must be correct because I used it to post this! NEW PART: the message I am now getting is: "could not connect
  4. How can i start over. I am new and I have like 3 body types, i can't seem to put clothes back on, I went to a nude beach area and the avatar still looked like a mummy and someone said get a new skin, which I paid for and looks awful.
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