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  1. There is this person and every time im where she is she pushes me around to make it imposible to play the linden coin hunt im new at second life and im learning not to like it cause of people like her Im thinking of canceling my premier account and ending second life just becuase of her her name is Aiko Heungsung its people like her that give secondlife a bad reputation and a bad name and I will be sure to tell evryone about this why is it older people on sl think they have the right to do what they want and push us youngs ones around im so sick of this and for some reason the report box wont work for me so i cant reaport it I dont know im just had enough imabeliever52 resident what a shame i love sl and to have someone like this give sl a bad name
  2. I never got my $1000 L bunus and my house is no longer mine its gone if I knew I was going to have all these problems I wouldnt have upgraded to the premium account its not worth the frustrations or the money. imabeliever52 imabeliever40@yahoo.com Kathleen M. Monroe
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