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  1. I've age verified but can't go to Moderate place, I only can choose General in my Preferences´╗┐ How can I fix this?
  2. zzpopzz

    Age Verify

    I can't teleport to any moderate places I'm trying to make age verify but I've try it many times with ID Card, Passport,... but it still failed. I've try to change my preferences´╗┐ too but I can't, I only can set General Please Help!
  3. I tried Age verification many times but they're all failed
  4. I can't tp to all of the Mature and Aldult and some General too
  5. I've try the Age Verified but I've tried many times, it doesn't work "Age Verifield Failed"
  6. I have problem with my maturity rating I can't teleport to anywhere even the place for teen and kids, it show my maturity rating "you're not allowed in that region due to your maturity rating"!!! How can I fix it
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