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  1. I have to say SL has been a real eye opener for me, i made friends with an amazing group of friends and those friendships has lasted over 7yrs, My sl sister met her partner 6yrs ago and married and have also met in RL and still going strong now, My Best friend and her partner have been together 5yrs, , i myself have had good an bad relationships and watched others go through the same thing. I became best friends with a guy 7yrs ago we always do lots together building and creating new ideas, i watch him have lovely relationships with other women and he was always there during mine. Nothing has ever happened between us over the years and i'm a firm believer everything has a time and place and if its mean't to happen it will, well the time came where we both admitted our true feelings for each other it was very weird dating after being such good friends for 7yrs and it took sometime getting to know each other intimately but for us it was worth the wait i can honestly say i love my best friend were enjoying our time together in SL and the great thing is we can meet one day in RL as we only live 2hrs apart and we both know each other well enough to do that, Sometimes taking a chance can work out with the right person. i feel like i have kissed a few frogs in SL but now i am happy with a man i know i can trust who is loyal and has no hidden agenda's and someone who only has eyes for me and no one else. SL can truely be amazing sometimes i never gave up on love and some how it found me.
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