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  1. Sorry that it took me so long to answer and thank You for meaningful and objective answers. As I am working on project about psychological support in Second Life I have been investigating a lot of material about virtual therapy, avatar therapy and options of virtual psychological support that also Second Life offers. All are nicely proven scientifically or pointed out by people who have experience in this matter which can be reliable in some cases as well. If wanted I can share my list of references. So far some interesting reading: Gorini, A., Gaggioli A., Vigna, C., & Riva, G. (2008).
  2. Thank You all for your answers and recommendations. I have already discovered some places in SL connected with psychological therapy like the Centre of Positive Mental Health, Healthcare Island and Path of Support and as well Autism Museum and Library. This small project I am doing now does not include anybody else. As it is project with free subject I find no point to attach my professor with that now. What I can give you is my e-mail: agne.p6lder@gmail.com and my phone nr: +306987029114. My real name is Agne Põlder but this is not hard to figure out anyways. I am truly aware of differe
  3. Hi! I do not know if this is the right forum for this question but please help me with suggestions then :) I am a psychology student doing a small ethnographically project about psychological support groups and therapeutic options in SL. If you have any experience with different psychological support groups or any other kind of therapeutic activity in SL and if it is no trouble I would like You to freely answer few questions about the psychological support in Second Life. You can answer as much of them as You want. Answering would help me a lot in my work :). 1. Please describe briefly th
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