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  1. Other than this username which I DO NOT want to lose
  2. I used the wrong email and already changed it. So I need a link to the resend email to send it to the new email.
  3. I never got an email and i just changed it. Is there a link to the resend email?
  4. I'm just going to uninstall SL and just return to IMVU. Something that is this much trouble right off the bat its basically an omen for me to not join this site. =.="
  5. Shows me the "Logging In.." bar and then says "Login Failed." And I have to have my information right otherwise I wouldn't be able to post here.
  6. I just created an account here on SL and so far failing at signing into the 3D chat. It starts to log me it and then completely stops. :/ I have the password and username right and I still can't get in. Tried about ten to thirteen times now.
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