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  1. In my BETA Account on Phoenix, I have L$25,000 showing in my Second Life BETA Grid, and in my Second Life Grid (None Beta) Phoenix I have L$225? Now how do I bring the money in my BETA over to my current Grid?
  2. I need to edited my profile, but the answers don't work, there is no Profile Editor on SL not in General or anywhere else on here, all i get is My Settings, and that is not what I can edit... I want to Change my IM and Chat room names, not my SL account display name(Decepticon avatar Rumble is my In-World name) I am ignastius, the owner of the avatar... So where on SL is my profile editor? I had it the other day, now I can't find it? I have also looked in Display... How come this is so much harder than any other social page?
  3. I use one of my many avatars in my IM's and LOcal chats. So how do I make Rumble a Display name in my IM chats as well as Local chats?
  4. Ignastius

    Changing time zones

    Yes, I have receently moved from my previous address to a new location, how do i change the time zone?
  5. Yes, the Alaska, and a few other regions have issues when I enter them, why hasn't this been fixed? I read where it was being taken care of at the Linden Labs....And the Update is in my Pheonix homepage...On the right hand side at the bottom of the window.....Thank you for your time.....
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