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  1. I am a basic player trying to verify my age, I have tried the last 4 digits to my ssn, i tryed id, personal id, and nothing. I even tried looking for the ticked to get my age verified but what happen to the tickets? they are not there anymore. can someone help me out on how i can verify my age with out the ticket? also how can u do it manuly if u do not know the ticket number? can someone please help me and Linden labs please fix the age verication thing so all of us basic players can verfy our age intead of going thru all this trouble of trying to verify our ages. I am 22 years old, unemploye
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    Help! I am the last person in this group I am in. No matter how hard I try it will not let me leave, I tried inviting someone into that group so they can become a new owner of that group, same problem will not let me make them the owner. Also I have been gone from sl for about 3 years. The group I was in was active until I came back. I was told it was post to delete with in 48 hours. I am not sure when I became the last person in that group but it was post to be gone or something like that. So could u help me with this problem? The group is called True Wolves of Second Life
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