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  1. Irene Muni wrote: Note: There are several interrelated causes that slow down delivery. We are hard at work on creating a faster and more reliable Marketplace system that will soon make Magic Boxes obsolete. Oh, is this ^^ what is slowing Marketplace deliveries? I've noticed over the last two weeks or so that Marketplace is so slow to deliver and takes about an hour from the time of checkout until items are delivered to me in my SL home. I have to keep logging in and checking order history at least five times before the items arrive and it takes at least an hour, whereas items used to be delivered instantly upon next log in. An hour is a little frustrating, but to me it's worth the wait as I'd have to teleport to all those different places anyways and it would probably take the same amount of time.
  2. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Since the OP specified an island in SL, then food and other survival necessities of RL wouldn't matter. For me, given a choice of beauty or brains, brains win. He was just trying to be mean and hurtful to me as we cannot be "stranded" on any deserted island on SL. You just turn off the computer.
  3. GariGlitter wrote: . . . in SL, with only one woman as company who could not change her avatar, would you prefer to have as your companion a physically attractive woman with the intelligence of a soap dish, but who insisted on demonstrating her idiocy by keeping up a running commentary of desperate witlessness, or a plain-looking but intelligent woman who offered insightful comments at appropriate times. Before you accuse me of sexism, please note that I am not just asking this question of men; women are welcome to answer. (But to give you a hint regarding my viewpoint, those with the intelligence of soap dishes are discouraged from offering their opinions) Intelligence and knowledge of something are two separate things. On a deserted Island, I would prefer a woman with knowledge of survival skills, rather than intelligence as intelligence involves logic which would be a longer route towards getting towards survival. So, I would pick a woman who has the knowledge of survival skills. Someone can have a low IQ and still be very knowledgable about something whilst another person can have a very high IQ but be unknowledgable about something. So, I would have to go with the wording knowledgable about what we would need. Using the logical route could waste too much precious time in our survival.
  4. LoveAngeL Lyre wrote: Hello Phil. You do that with the Picks button. If you don't see the button, right click on a toolbar --> Toolbar buttons --> the customize toolbars window opens --> find the button and drag it out on a toolbar. After, clicking it you can add, edit or delete picks. Oh well, I was able to do something with the profile picks. I just right clicked the toolbar and the edit or add seemed to work as options to do so appeared once the profile WAS open to picks and the toolbar was right clicked. I couldn't repeat the exact steps though as I was just clicking away at stuff.
  5. Kylie Jaxxon wrote: This came up over in Answers...maybe it will help http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Everything-Else/how-to-delete-a-pick/qaq-p/1261935 I have an older V3 and have the same problem. Click on what toolbar? as answered in the answers section? (It just says right click "on a tool bar"... what toolbar though?)
  6. Ellyn Elan wrote: I sitll don't know where, what sub-sub-sub forum to post in. The events places look like promos for specific places. So I give up and will ask here: Does anyone know of a DJ or club that routinely plays Manchester (as in England) rock in SL? There are some clubs that play a variety of alternative. Try typing in Alternative Music Club in the destination guide and see what you come up with. I think Manchester Rock, never heard the phrase, might be part of what is know as "indie"... I'm not sure exactly, but there might be some "indie" type clubs, though alternative might be your better bet, as well as just requesting the songs you love, or become a Dj and download all those songs and invite us ETA: Just checked the Destination Guide for you. There is a club called Indie Rock open 24/7, but you need to join the group. I didn't see any teleport, so you have to click on the word MORE and then the group joiner will appear. Then just join for free. Check it out, sounds like it has some sub-genres in there you may like. Just a suggestion to try.
  7. MargieG wrote: Hello - me again, the death and grief researcher. Interested in who of you out there would want a SL funeral in the sad event that you died anytime soon? (apologies if this sounds abrupt or callous). If you did want a funeral, would you want RL family and friends to be invited? Would you want a religion based service/location or something more secular? thanks, MargieG No, I wouldn't. That seems pointless to me. My family and loved ones will mourn me, not my avatar. Life is for the living. I'd prefer my family grieve in private, then continue living and enjoying life. A SL funeral for me would do nothing for them. There is a LL Memorial sim where we can send a candle out to sea for a loved one or friend who has passed away, and that is sufficient for me.
  8. Hi, Is anyone currently using TurboDj.com? I have seen this in SL and it seems mostly FOR SL. It looks interesting, as you can request songs from anywhere, even your home, from what I understand. If you do use TurboDj.com, what exactly does it do? Is it quicker to get songs qued, or what exactly does it do? You can look up the website at turbodj.com. I'll post the link here for now, but will take the link out if it is considered "spam". I'm just interested as a music lover in finding out if I can get requests for songs a lot quicker and what exactly is turbodj all about. Thanks for replies. http://www.turbodj.com/#jocks.php p.s. You can pick up a FREE turbodj thing many places, so I don't think it's spam since it's free. I'm just wondering how it works. Or, if you are a Dj, you might like to check this out. However, I just tried a download and my anti-virus fought this tooth and nail and wanted it NOT downloaded on my computer. I let my anti-spyware win for now. I'm going to pick up one of those turbodj things and see if I can then download. I love the idea this presents of faster requests for songs; sounds intriguing to me.
  9. Thantrax wrote: Hello everyone! I'm a new person here on Second Life and I'm trying to get myself oriented. I first became interested in signing up here when I stumbled upon some videos on Youtube of Second Life avatars and saw how far the graphics have come. This is a far cry from when the game first came out! When one gets involved in something like Second Life, there are almost always things that the new guy (or newbie, n00b, or whatever you call us fresh people) should know. Anyone have some general advice they would like to give? My reading up on Second Life has produced some references to other Viewer clients for Second Life, for example, should I be looking into those instead of the main one? I'm an avid table top role player, playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Mutants and Masterminds, and the World of Darkness game lines. I also used to be a player on various online role play games like MUCKs and MUSHes. One of my main interests in Second Life is the idea of trying to make an avatar for some of my tabletop characters so I can take great pictures of them as I imagined them, so I can show them off to all my friends. Can anyone recommend a great place to get started on customizing their avatar? Hi, Welcome! Yes, the Avatar section of the forum is great like Storm suggested. All the people here have other good suggestions. The only two I can think of is the events section has some great ideas, as does the role play section of the forum. With V3, the LL version, on the log in screen it tells you what is currently active in SL, and that is a feature I love. Even if you chose another viewer, download V3 as that way you can just open V3 to see what's currently happening in your time zone, you don't even need to log into the viewer. V3 is the current LL viewer. I use it and have no problems with LL viewers. Everyone has their own preferences though. The only problem I have with the newest LL Viewer 3 is the IM's are at the top right of the screen which is too far away for me to read with my large LCD screen, so I will probably be switching to Firestorm viewer, but I will keep my V3 there as I love to just open the page and see what's happening in SL when I want to log on. I agree with the Marketplace. It's a great place to view a lot of things in a shorter time span. If you like the store, you can usually also go look inworld. If you are going to rent or get a skybox, I prefer to see the furniture rezzed personally. So for furniture, I tend to shop inworld, though have lucked out on a few furniture items on Marketplace that worked just great. Sculpties tend to be very low prim and some are really nice for such low prims. One thing that has helped me a lot is to right click and chose rename the items in my inventory, such as all my jewelry items are renamed jewelry and then a short explanation of what the jewelry is, etc, and that way I can find my things much easier. Some clubs want no scripts now, so if you join any of those, be sure to resize your items and then kill the scripts. You can make a copy before you kill the scripts, and call that item back-up for _____________ fill in the blank. Again, welcome!
  10. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: I think that would be different for every individual. I am, and will remain, single in Second Life, but I am aware that is not the reason I'm there. I am there to socialize, make friends, have fun, try some new things (like rp and building). I have a happy, care free, drama free Second Life. It is just as I want it. In real life I would love to have a partner, but my happiness is not dependent on whether I have one or not. It would be nice to have someone to encourage and motivate me or just to do things with or come home to. It is not happening now, so I stay busy socially doing other things. I am sure many people do not feel complete without having another person there, but patience and a positive outlook help. Cinnamon Very insightful post, Cinnamon. I have a rl bf and we enjoy our life together very much. I truly couldn't imagine real life without him, although my Mom has been widowed for years as my Father died far too young. But, she didn't want to remarry as she enjoyed her freedom to not have to cook and to just be free. No time clock to punch and be home every night like she was when my Dad was alive. She dated for awhile, but has never remarried, and has enjoyed a widowed life for many years doing so many things she loves without having to ask for "permission" so to speak. What I'm finding in SL is I love the sense of independence I am finding through SL. I will also remain single in SL, and I'm loving it! It's been a very freeing experience for me to just be able to come and go as I please in SL and not have to answer to anyone else (other than the general rules for all of us), sort of what my Mom experienced after the griefing process was over that is. I LOVE being single in SL; it's carefree, no ties, no drama like you said, Cinnamon. I'm having the time of my life being single in SL, but would not want to be without the person I am with in rl. A relationship has it's peaks and it's valleys and sometimes we get in a rut, but even ruts pass and we still enjoy our relationship a great deal. However, I wouldn't trade the ruts and the blah times for being without him. However, in SL, it's a blast being single for me. So, yes, I guess it's different for everyone, like you said, Cinnamon. I was just wondering why I enjoy being single so much in SL until I realized it's the total independence I love about being single in SL. It's a transient independence I know, but it makes me feel more capable.
  11. So, is life better with a significant other? Or, do you enjoy the single life? Which would you prefer -- partnered or single, and why? The prefer and why can be about your real life or second life, or both.
  12. ZophieMcKallister wrote: Are there any active fairy type rp's out there? There are some rp for Fairies, but most sims are not active 24/7. So, if you see one that might look interesting, you need to join the group. Avalon looks interesting, but I don't know enough about it myself to comment on Avalon; dress code is required there is about all I know. There are some dark Fairy sims with BDSM stuff, so if you don't like that, just be sure you know what you are getting into, as some could involve capture and rape (not sure about that one), but just be sure what you are getting into before joining. Send a notecard to the group creator if you are unsure about the "capture" thing. I haven't come across any light-hearted just pure fun sims for Fairies yet. Most are dark Fairy rp, as they are set in Medieval times and Medieval times were quite gorey; however, I have not been through the whole destination guide that is for sure! If you find any light-hearted Fairy rp sims, let me know!
  13. Eleseren Brianna wrote: Hi everyone, I hope this is the right forum for this thread (apologies in advance if it isnt). I wanted to ask people their thoughts on how to make a successful club/hangout. Its not just traffic, its about creating a place people want to come hang out - dance, talk, build a community feel - and keep coming back. Any thoughts on marketing, investment, costs, any other advice? Its open ended, any thoughts or experience would be welcome to hear. TY Hi, I don't own anything in SL, but I might like a club or a hangout one day. It will depend on the economy, but even if I broke even, it still would be fun. I visit a lot of clubs as that is what I mostly do in SL, clubs and shopping mostly, as I have a rl bf and one bf is enough! Anyhow, I thought I'd give you some feedback on what I don't like about clubs and what keeps me from NOT going back. 1. Too small to where our avatars lose part of their textures such as hair or skirts; meaning parts of the hair or clothing sort of ghost and go transparent. People spend a lot of money on their avatars, so keep that in mind. 2. The Floor: Make sure feet do not go through the floor when the avatars are dancing. Also, with the floor make it a good color as often clubs with snow indoors or sand is far too bright for my monitor screen even if I turn to sunrise, sunset or midnight. Make the floor a good color so people can see their shoes they spent money on, etc. 3. Have a theme and decorate it well. There are clubs popping up without any decorations, just a wooden floor in the middle of the ocean, and no theme or decorations makes me not want to go back as it looks very blah. 4. Have a general music genre such as is this club rock, heavy metal, blues, etc? Let people know the basic style of music. 5. Contests turn me off as people just befriend people so they can vote for each other, so it's pretty fake and not fun. Contests are a waste of time, imo. 6. Don't hire a hostess because if people don't have to tip a hostess, they will most likely tip the club/venue if and when they have some extra lindens (it's a very bad economy right now). Your Dj's can take care of the griefers. 7. Don't buy a lot of annoying bright blinging things that can make the eyes feel tired and sore after a while. IOW, don't make a disco and go all out with flashing and blinging dance floors, walls, ceilings, etc; it hurts my eyes, so I don't go back to those kind of clubs. 8. Make sure your Dj's keep updating their playlists weekly, or have your Dj's put together a creative and unusual set. Don't just play the same old commerialized music we can hear on the radio over and over. Do something fresh and different, too! That's all I can think of for now, but good luck. I guess what I like in a club would be the opposite of the don't likes. For a DO, get a sponsor or two for certain events.
  14. Sy Beck wrote: Fetid Inner Core - Google Prok and FIC for a lengthier explanation. I Googled because I had absolutely no idea what this thread was about. This is a FIC. A FIC is a paranoid resident in their own mind who wants to be with the Lindens? Huh? And, you want to destroy everything else? Huh? Below is copy and paste from Google. The FIC is a group created inside the mind of every paranoid resident. An ever powerful group dedicated to destroying the lives of everyone else not in the FIC. They are the most creative and successful people you have ever met. Often they associate, befriend, and entrance those that call themselves "Linden". Bizzare this, as Yoda might say.
  15. Canoro Philipp wrote: i remember that survey, it was on your account settings, it was needed to be able to upload mesh. I don't remember where it was as I don't upload anything, but account settings is possible. I think I got that quiz or survey about LL's TOS regarding IPR when I used the LL website page to get lindens instead of getting lindens inworld like I usually do. Anyhow, it's here somewhere. Take the quiz folks if you find it, it's interesting. I cannot speculate on whether Starbucks would care or not or consider it free publicity because as residents we cannot speculate on what a company "might" like since it is against TOS as I recall from the quiz.
  16. Carl Thibodeaux wrote: So i teleported to a random estate place to buy some land. They have a coffee shop on the land and it looks like the starbucks logo and a little different and they are calling their coffee shop Starbucks. Is this allowed? Or is this a trademark/copyright they are bypassing and doing something illegal? According to a survey I took here on SL, infringing on any trademark or logo is not allowed on SL. Not a sports team name and logo, nor any infringement on a name and logo are allowed in SL. Where that survey is? I don't recall, but it was here on the main SL website. p.s. The survey was a LL survey about our knowledge of trademark/copyright infringement, not a survey by a resident. It was a quiz actually by LL, and I failed a few questions.
  17. RudolphUkka wrote: * Bin There * Done That. *** Rudi *** That's what I was going to say, except with one added word - with. Bin There, Done with That.
  18. garey Solo wrote: I'm looking to start a new business venture in RL Please post your ideas here. All ideas are welcome : ) Google "What are the best business to start in 2011" and you should find some ideas.
  19. Phil Deakins wrote: I'd like to see an example of this "small island" where "a customer could have a home and a club plus some rental stalls", Maya. It sounds a bit bigger than a small island in terms of prims. The idea of LL charging less tier and taking a commission on sales sounds interesting but it would be no good from LL's point of view. Everyone would rush to get these small islands, put some token stuff up for sale, and sell nothing because (a) they just threw some lousy stuff together for the token, so nobody would want to buy it, and (b) the number of shops in SL would go up by an order of magnitude, all looking for a slice of the pie, so slices would be drasticvally reduced and even the low tier couldn't be earned from sales, and © loads of existing land owners would dump their land to get one of these low tier isalnds, so LL would well out of pocket. Well, not a lot of rental stalls. Also, a lot of clubs are about the size of my kitchen in my SL house. My rental house is huge with 2-bedrooms, is 2-story and it's 400 lindens a week. Anyhow, most clubs are about the size of my kitchen. My house could be the size of at least 2 1/2 clubs. Anyhow, if LL created some smaller places with no tier and just commision, it's better than letting the land sit there doing nothing. I think they would or could possibly make more if they went just comission only rather than tier, but that would depend on what people are willing to sell their items for, as the lower priced seller's would most likely sell more. I suggested some rental stalls also as I don't create anything, but if I had a Faery themed small island sim, I would seek out Fairy, Goth, Emo designer's to vendor on my sim. I'd ask the best vendors with the best prices in the theme of the sim to be vendors, or learn blender one of these days. What I'm proposing is what Ebay did -- no fees UNLESS the item sells. So vendors wouldn't be out anything; they would pay a comission as their items sell. The fun of SL is in being able to create and/or build, if they price us out or take that away, people bore of SL too fast, and that's probably the No.1 reason they lose customers, as they are priced out of the creation of SL, which is a HUGE part of the fun. I know, I'm going through a lull with SL. It gets to be the same ol same ol when you can't create or build or look forward to anything creative. What do people do when they are priced out of a SL "dream" they would like to create? Most likely they leave because all the creative control is in other's hands, as well as the music choices in other's hands.
  20. ralph Alderton wrote: If Linden Lab want to seriously increase their revenue lowering tier is essential. It's only people who don't believe in SL's potential and future who say that tier is the right price. Tier is currently set at the wrong price, that's why SL is stagnating. LL should let anyone buy a HS without a full sim, lower tier and watch SL boom again. If LL halved tier costs they'd sell tons of sims and more than double their money. High tier costs are strangling and suffocating the whole ecosystem. It's all about the land. I'd agree with this, except why not 1/4 sims or small private islands? I would like some land that I could afford, but I am priced out and I am sure so are many. If they had small islands where say a customer could have a home and a club plus some rental stalls, why not? Or a small island with a home and a store front, why not? Or a small island for their breedables, why not? As far as the $1000 start up cost, yes they should do away with that as this global economy is not excepted to rebound until 2020... so that's a long, long time. I read an article that said for this Christmas people are going to be spending cash for their Christmas. People do not have confidence in the economy to put items on credit and risk ruining their credit. Ebay did away with upfront costs for a long time. You only had to pay the fees IF the item sold. (I currently don't know what's going on with Ebay now, as I haven't wanted to sell in a buyer's market.) Anyhow, how about small islands and LL gets smaller tiers on those or on 1/4 sims, plus some commision on whatever sells as far as inworld stores or stalls on these smaller islands. Or, they could lower the tiers and get commissions on what sells? I know this last paragraph might sound confusing, but I'm asking why not small islands where we could do what we what --have a home, a small business (club or store or vendor stalls or breedables) and LL gets commission of what sells?
  21. Phil Deakins wrote: You can't actually upload prims, Maya. You only upload textures. (You can also upload animations and other stuff, but sculptmaps are textures, and meshes are similar) With sculpties, the texture is the sculptmap, which turns a prim into the required sculpty shape according to the map (sculptmap), and it costs the same to upload as any other texture - 10L. You can get a lot more "shapely" objects onto a parcel by using sculpty objects, because sculpties are used to create nice shapes without needing to use extra normal prims to achieve the same nice shape. Also, you can use 1 sculpty prim for several object parts. I use 1 sculpty prim for all my furniture that has 4 legs, for instance - 4 legs/feet but only 1 prim. LL charges more to upload meshes. I've forgotten how much because they've never interested me. Mesh objects are treated differently. A mesh object may be created using just 1 prim, but it's counted as a lot more prims for the land. For instance, mesh is no good for low prim furniture (my business) because a piece of existing low prim furniture that uses, say, 5 or 6 prims (sculpties and/or normal prims, or both), would count for a *lot* more prims than that if it were made using 1 prim and mesh, so you could fit fewer objects on the parcel. I'm not sure what you're driving at but, if your landlady told you 1L per prim, then that'll be the rental cost to you, and has nothing to do with uploads or tier costs. LL have been steadfast in not changing the tier structure or the cost of tier, presumably because they'd run the risk of not recovering what they would initially lose, and tier is the mainstay of their income. People often want tier to be reduced, but it would be a huge risk to LL's income, which they may never recover. For a long time, I've had a different idea, which is to have more tier levels - smaller jumps in land and tier costs. Tier isn't bad at the low levels but, when you reach, say, 32k of land, then the next step is 64k - a large increase in cost. After 64k, it's 128k and, after that, it's 256k, each with huge cost increases. If they stuck some more levels in between, it would encourage people to go up in small levels. In both cases, it would initially drastically reduce LL's tier income, and, understandably, they are very reluctant to take the risk, especially since it can't be known whether or not the initial loss would be recovered and even more profits from tier would result due to higher land ownership.. Okay, thanks Phil, that explains some things to me. I also looked at another rental sim yesterday and the rents were so inexpensive, it got me to thinking how are they making their tier with these low rentals? It was a nice rental sim with lots of cute houses, and I didn't see any empty and they are hardly charging anything for it and you get a lot of prims compared to what I've seen others charge for rentals. Anyhow, I do wonder how they make their tier? However, with sculpties, less land impact, that would mean LL could have more land. The more land you have, you create a glut. When a glut happens, the price should go down. I wish LL would break up the land so people could afford a small island. Why do these sims have to be so big and shared like that? Is it because of the servers and LL doesn't have enough to break up the land like that? I think more people would buy land if they didn't have to pay a profit to a resident for part of their sim. As far as LL losing part of their profit, well that happens in a Great Recession as this one has been called. You either create a new business model that people are willing to pay and can afford, or you fold and lose all your profit.
  22. Sy Beck wrote: @Ceka & @Phil Hmm...ok, I'm glad you can fathom her mind. It was the L$1 for a prim that had me. It is 1Linden a prim from what my rental landlady told me. So, as I was thinking since sculpties and mesh will be such way fewer "prims", why can't the price be reduced from 1L a prim to say a fraction of that, and my price figured .30, although sculpties can be anywhere from 10x less land impact. Or is my landlady saying the wholesale price is 1L per prim to upload or rez onto her rental sim/rental house? She practically charges me the wholesale price for my rental (or my prims). She makes about 50 lin profit a week from me if even that as she uses the sim to "learn" and experiment and have fun right now rather than looking for profit. Anyhow, so 1L a prim unless I've completely misunderstood, which wouldn't be unusual because I've stated many times I am not a creator and my username is a complete coincidence to the Maya software which I never heard about until I visited these forums. Now, let's talk a pot belly stove. I saw a pot belly stove for 14 prims today. I have a sculpted 2 prim pot belly stove currently in my SL house. In other words, the land impact is far less with sculpties. Thus, we can fit more SLuff with sculpties and I heard mesh was going to be far less in prims? As far as mesh, too new for me to understand. So, just take sculpties as far less land impact...couldn't they then help to lower prices of the land and the tier? Anyhow, I'm not a creator or a land owner, so don't listen to me. I'm in SL for fun and not profit at this time, and still learning. I have way too much to learn to want to go into a SL business right now. Perhaps after the New Year for me as it depends on the economy, which I think is going to be way worse this time with the Great Recessions. Anyhow, sculpties what can they do to affect the land impact? Are you all saying nothing? If sculpties and mesh can help nothing, then what the heck is mesh for?
  23. garey Solo wrote: Yes we've all heard that SL is slowly declining. But why? Because people are so reluctant to spend. No customers no creators , no world. Go figure. Have you noticed lately that the larger more established businesses don't advertise in search anymore, Their traffic stats are ridiculously low. Its a real shame... SL winding down like an old worn out grandfather clock. Slowly ticking,ticking away and then one day shuddering to a halt. So do something about it ... support the creators who make SL what it is. It's a buyer's market right now and has been a buyer's market for years since the global recessions. Once an item is made, it's made. Sell your items for less, and you will see customer's. I go for the deals plus the quality. Charge less and your business will pick up. I skip thousands of items and creator's because they simply charge too much for a item that can be copied over and over. Also, with mesh and spulpties, that is far, far less than prims. Perhaps LL should make it .30 lindens to the sculpty or mesh instead of 1L per prim (If I have that info correct on the prim). It could and should reduce land and tier costs by 2/3's, as I have like a 4 prim harp, a 2 prim sculpty fireplace, 1 prim rather nice armchairs. I love sculpties and GOOD low prim items. Get into sculpties and mesh, people want more for their money. There is also a very nice grand piano on Marketplace that is made of 1 prim. AMAZING! As far as clothes though, I still like the kind that resize to my shape, rather than having to wear a cloned alpha layer shape for mesh clothing. However, the creator's that want a lot for their items, I skip over, as there are tons of creator's making items for less and perhaps even with superior quality. Get to know how a business works, and advertise your quality and afforable items. Ebay was the same way when it started -- less dealers meant higher profits. When I worked as a seller on eBay research what is hot and currently selling, and offer a better price, but advertise on eBay with keyword search is what it was all about, as remember people need to find the things you are selling. It takes research and hard work to make it in a business that isn't so "new" anymore. But, in a buyer's market, reduce your costs as you have no other choice. This is no longer a seller's market and will not be for years too come.
  24. Perrie Juran wrote: Mayalily wrote: However, it could deter someone from doing that in future.... As far as weight though, if the person didn't like the date, just give them compensation for their gas. LOL This still sounds silly to me. I guess we will see how it plays out in the coming years. Remotely possible it might deter someone but I think unlikey. As far as compensation for their gas, Civil Law would already cover it. Compensation is really a matter of Civil Law. Prime example is O.J. Simpson. But again, what is happening here is the attempt to create a criminal class based on violating a T.O.S, giving the same weight to a TOS as a criminal law. See my comment in this thread: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/compensation-from-LL-s/td-p/1235689 I see weight as civil also, as what did the person lose but traveling money? That would civil. How can making someone lose traveling money criminal? No one is forcing them to seek dates on the internet rather asking a person out on a date they met in person. They lost so little in comparison to the death's from cyberbullying some people are having to go through. Let me have more time to read through the thread and the links as I have to do some rl things right now. But, what a clog this seems for the court system over a date weight dispute.
  25. Perrie Juran wrote: Mayalily wrote: Perrie Juran wrote: "The U.S. Department of Justice is defending computer hacking laws that make it a crime to use a fake name on Facebook or lie about your weight in an online dating profile at a site like Match.com. In a statement obtained by CNET that's scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, the Justice Department argues that it must be able to prosecute violations of Web sites' often-ignored, always-unintelligible "terms of service" policies. The law must allow "prosecutions based upon a violation of terms of service or similar contractual agreement with an employer or provider," Richard Downing, the Justice Department's deputy computer crime chief, will tell the U.S. Congress tomorrow." http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-57324779-281/doj-lying-on-match.com-needs-to-be-a-crime/ The serious implication of all this is the potential destruction of anonymity on the Internet and how it can become a tool the government could use to silence or prosecute dissenting voices. A service provider such as Facebook or Second Life should and does have the right to enforce their TOS as a matter of Civil Law, but to make it a criminal act could potentially make millions of people criminals who could arbitrarily be targeted for prosecution. _____________________________________________________ There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in it that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted-and you create a nation of lawbreakers-and then you cash in on guilt. -Holden Caulfield, The Grapes of Wrath A crime to lie about your weight? How silly. LOL As far as stopping deliberate premeditated murder on some websites, such as Facebook, I think it's a good idea. The last case I heard about the mother of the neighbor's teenage daughter deliberating cyberbullied her to the point of the girl's suicide. It was deliberate and all the mother of the neighbor's daughter got for cyberbullying the girl to the point of her death was a $5,000 dollar fine. I felt she should have been jailed for deliberate premeditated murder. The young girl is dead. Problem is it probably wouldn't have stopped it. The mother was intent on harassing the girl. So at best it may have laid an additional charge on her. Mayalily wrote: A crime to lie about your weight? How silly. LOL As far as weight, I don't think anyone will really take that seriously. It just sounds so absurd to me for some reason. How about if you are a prosecutor or other LEO convinced a person has committed Crime A but you can't find the proof? Because in reality the person hasn't committed the crime. But you are still convinced they were the one who did it. So in your investigation you discover this little lie. They jump on those opportunities. You don't think similar things haven't happened? They have, can & do. And it is not up to the criminal law Judge as a rule to decide the constitutionality of a law, only to enforce it. The constitutionality is for the Appeals Courts to decide. Have you ever heard of a Judge saying he disagreed with a law but his job was to carry it out? Again, it has and can happen. No matter how ridiculous the law may sound. True, the mother admitted she was intent on doing this to this girl. However, it could deter someone from doing that in future....? As far as weight though, if the person didn't like the date, just give them compensation for their gas money. LOL This still sounds silly to me. I guess we will see how it plays out in the coming years.
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