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  1. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Seriously - if your former landlord has absconded with your money then you do have a legal case. LL won't get involved in inter-resident disputes unless you make one; either by calling the police or your lawyer. In any of these situations you have to decide whether it is worth taking to RL courts or is just something you'll write-off to SL anarchy. And, the one before that did also. That landlord stole two of my houses I purchased on MP. I am fully aware that SL is a shell company, but this is real money, and I do think people should stand up to these fraudster's cuz they really got it coming.
  2. seriously, I think the Bobbitting should commence as soon as they hit parcel return. I left a bunch of copy items there, so they can't build or sell until parcel return. Let the Bobbitting commence!
  3. their teleports were sending me all over the place. I finally found a neighbor's house and did retrieve my items for now. Is there a reputable land dealer out there with a good price so I can build without being grieved?
  4. help, someone stole my SL land and house and all it's furnishings. The teleport doesn't work; the land office no longer exists, and all that money I spent for the items is lost. What good would an abuse report do when there is no land office listing nor name of the person I rented the land from. What to do here? Call the police?
  5. there are lots of players on the internet, and nice people too who just want to chat. I agree with the person that says you don't need to play vigilante to pigs like that. There is only one life time and I think you could do something more constructive with your time such as learning gourmet cooking.
  6. Hi, Wanted: 1) Tribute concert group to join. 2) House to rent. I am looking for an unfurnished house to rent (land is okay as I mostly decorate or make items). Price max 350 lindens a week with at least 200 prims. Style of home I would like is Victorian or English Cottage.
  7. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Mayalily wrote:... ... I'd say most SL users have hundreds of avatars... most make jazillions of avatars; ... Do you just make this stuff up or what? Nope. Avatars will sign off and about five minutes or less they rezz in a different avatar in the same exact place on the dance floor, and not just once but several times. Sign off, sign in, exact place. The jazillion is just meaning who knows how many. I've seen people disappear and reappear several times with a matter of less than a half an hour. I truly have concluded, there is no way to truly judge populace in SL. This isn't a dating service or facebook...it's pretty much a "guess who I am now" game, and I'm not interested. My friends list remains closed because there is no continunity. Friends today, tomorrow never to return, other than in a different avatar. But, I do agree with all the people in this thread that say the sandboxes are a completely mess, and I truly don't know who makes people like this. It's like there purpose in life is to harm. My friends list remains completely closed. Far too many playas.
  8. SLtesterL2 wrote: ...Is what some people are saying :matte-motes-wink-tongue: (please don't hurt me...) But honestly, what is your opinion on this statement? I haven't been here THAT long so I don't know much about Second Life's past population status or how much it has gone up or down but from what I've heard, it seems that Second Life never really lost it's users, but never increased it's amount of them from listening to some videos on Philip Rosedale. I think I heard something about SL becoming popular in 2007 and it was kinda of a fad that slowly dimmed leaving the passionate users and alot of unactive accounts behind. What is your opinion on this "SL is dying" statement? How are things today different from the past and where do you see SL in the years to come? I honestly believe SL has potential, I just think LL has a tough time showing it (which is ironic cause the amount of cool things you could do here are amazing and even the people I show SL agree and ask why aren't there more users). I think it has to with the steep learning curve, the system requirements it asks for, and maybe the sketchy content for some users who are offended by it. Thats my opinion on what I think is keeping SL from growing more or maybe it is slightly and I'm not realizing it. Please give your thoughts! I would happy to hear what you guys have to say about it! :matte-motes-big-grin: No, not dying completely but I would have to admit that mesh did change my spending habits on SL. I find the mesh clothes lack detail such as seams and often look like potato sacks, and the long skirts look ridiculous and stretch like rubber bands, as well as mesh being a nucance for fit. The mesh jewelry is fantastic. The other mesh items are not much lower prims than the sculpties, and sometimes more than the sculpties. 1. Mesh has killed some of SL for me. 2. Griefers at the sandboxes are unbelieveable. I have had completed items completely stolen from me. How they do that...I have no idea. I've had whole sets of furniture and whole sets of dishes stolen from me. I had a hacker and had to close my store. I don't know who makes people like the griefers but I sure am glad I do not know people like that in rl. They need to be seriously medicated, I'd say, as they have no life but wanting to do wrong and hurt, and I often cannot comprehend what kind of upbringing they must have had. I think jail time needs to be seriously considered for hackers, however because the police do not take that seriously and are not concerned unless a large amount has been charged on an account. 3. I've reported and reported abuse to LL. They have not responded once. So, I don't report anymore. I buy the super cheapy stuff now. I find very cute items for 9 lindens...whole outfits as a matter of fact. SL is full of hackers/grifers...so people have two choices...take it or leave it. However, it is a problem with hackers, so people are making new avatars almost every day. It's a game of guess who I am. The populace I'd say is not as high as it seems, and I'd say most SL users have hundreds of avatars rather than the allotted five per household as it is supposed to have. There are no rules here that are actually acted upon in my experience. Griefers are let go because it is still money to LL. I would never run a business as poorly as LL does. It's just bad business eithics. If you think the populace is getting smaller...it isn't...it's just people playing "guess who I am" today in another avatar. I shrug and think it's stupid of them who do that. I have a lot of people on block. On the good side, I've realized a 3D creative platform such as SL could be used for business perhaps in the future. People could show their 3D creations, buyers could buy, and then the items could be re-created in real life. That is the direction I would like to see 3D creations go into the future. But, they have to clean up the sandboxes first period, which I doubt they will do because they would have to pay mods to be at the sandboxes. However, with all the griefers, it just makes people NOT want to create. That is my experience, anyhow. But most definately, I'd say mesh has killed a lot of the creativity in SL for me, but I also think mesh could be great in a couple of years. It takes awhile, sometimes years, for these kind of things to get to a level of superiority, quality and excellence. But to your main point about users, it's meaningless to the populace, as most make jazillions of avatars; some get a new free one every day. It's kinda crazy, but they do. So, there is no way to judge populace at all.
  9. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Money that example script may work for your needs but not fully. You Can look at the script library for a simple vend script But if you want to just sell the contents of a box . Set it to Buy and check the CONTENTS option and you wont need a script. Uncheck contents if you want to just sell a copy of an object Thanks so much. I will give that a try.
  10. Hi, I have built some items and rented a very tiny shop. However, when I try to set PAY, a message appears that says I need a script with a money event for the pay to work. Where do I get this script? I've looked on MP and haven't seen anything like that. The BUY lights up, but the BUY is on the second menu, whereas the pay is first and it looks like the item is NOT for sale because the PAY does NOT light up. So, I need help.
  11. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Mayalily wrote: Anyhow, how do I rez this stupid cube? To rezz a basic cube, right click the ground, select "build", then when the magic wand appears, click the ground. You'll have a plywood cube, 0.5x0.5x0.5 meters big. You do need to make sure building is allowed on the land. If it's not, SL will give you a message. If the parcel is full, SL will also give you a message. Sometimes rezzing on a megaprim gives problems. If that's the case, try rezzing on the ground. Thanks. No, I know about sandboxes, and that's where I went to make the cube. Finally made one! Thanks. Put the sculpt map in, had to change to torus, but the textures just are not working like when I made my samples from the original sculpt sample. I need a class which I hope will be starting after the holidays. With the holidays almost here, the classes keep getting cancelled. Building is a lot harder than I thought. Have a nice holiday everybody!
  12. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: Chosen Few wrote: As for how to take a screenshot, let's talk a little PC usage 101. First, copy the active window to clipboard, by pressing alt-printscreen. Now, in any image editor, open a new document, and paste (ctrl-v). The screenshot will appear in the document. From there, save it wherever you want. So you know, Windows 7 works no differently from all other versions of Windows, in this respect. The basic keyboard s In windows 7 there's also the snipping tool. By default it's on top of the start menu I think. Just open it, drag a square around the part you want a screenshot of and save as image. I'll try that later. Right now I'd like to know how to rez this cube prim. I'm clicking on the magic wand and nothing is happening. Waiting for a building class to start at 6 SLT, but no one is there. How do u rez this cube? Thanks. (Don't laugh, I just started a few days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Anyhow, how do I rez this stupid cube?
  13. Chosen Few wrote: In the image you sent me, the flowers are constructed asterisk style, meaning they're just an aplha texture on three or four intersecting planes. This is a very common way to create things like foliage, chandaliers, flames, or anything else with lots of little branches that would take an absurd amount of geometry to fully express as a 3D model. When you make an object like that bigger, it becomes a bit more obvious that it's made from planes. It's not actually changing shape in any way. By the way, make sure Stretch Textures is turned on when you do your resizing. In the picture, the texture is cropped at the edges of each plane, making the illusion very unconvincing. This suggests that either the object was not well textured to begin with, or else its scaling got screwed up during your resizing. If it's the former, you (or whoever created the itme) need to do a better texturing job. If it's the latter, Stretch Textures will prevent the problem. As for how to take a screenshot, let's talk a little PC usage 101. First, copy the active window to clipboard, by pressing alt-printscreen. Now, in any image editor, open a new document, and paste (ctrl-v). The screenshot will appear in the document. From there, save it wherever you want. So you know, Windows 7 works no differently from all other versions of Windows, in this respect. The basic keyboard shortcuts haven't changed in over 20 years. Are you perhaps new to Windows in general? To insert an image into a forum post, click the "Insert/Edit Image" button at the top of the input field, under the Rich Text tab. It's the one that has the little picture of the tree on it. In the dialog that pops up, navigate to your image, and upload it to the forums. Alternatively, you could upload the image to any other web server, and use standard HTML reference to display it. Yes, have had stretch textures clicked as well to try to fix this problem. I stretched that flower prim before and it never looked like that, and I also have several of those sconces in my sl home and they never stretched all out of whack or looked misshapen. Something is wrong. As far as computer knowledge, XP was so easy compared to Windows 7 which I hate. I also don't use many nor need many geek computer shortcuts as most of my computer useage has been Ebay almost since Ebay started. My knowledge is adequate for what I need and do on the computer. As far as trying to post that image here, I'm getting a pop up window that says that type of file is not supported by Windows...? I may just go to a sandbox and see if someone knows what might be wrong, as in the Summer I stretched lots of plants and they never looked like what I sent u in the pic. I also stretched plants and put them in vases and they never looked like what it showed in the photo I sent. I'll just keep trying. Onto the subject of "full perm" as Amethyst brought up, most simply say do not sell as a package (meaning the full perm package one would purchase) and do not sell for less than what they are charging as that would undercut them (unless u buy a package of several items, of course and are selling each item separately). As far as the textures, it says do not copy and resell these textures as this "package", but you may use them in your builds, etc, etc. Anyhow, I've tried to put image here, Windows keeps popping up a window that says "file not supported". That's okay because I use Firestorm support inworld when I need it, but they didn't even have a clue what this was. Neither do I as all those items stretched fine before.
  14. Hi Chosen, I sent a copy of a photo I just took inworld and it shows the flowers forming into a square. What the prims do also is they just sort of fold into themselves and/or split. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm not used to this Firestorm viewer and the new photography or even where my uploaded photo went to on my computer nor do I even remember at this time how to post a photo on here, so I sent it to you. Thanks for any advice, or if u have time u can post photo here. Sorry, I just couldn't even find where the darn photo went in my documents. I'm still very new to Windows 7 also.
  15. Hi Amethyst, It was just a regular item I bought. A shaped wall light sconce, like this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PRIMVISION-The-Rochester-Wall-Sconce/3995190 It shapes into a square, and so do just regular prim flowers I tried to put in a vase I made. Other things just prims when I stretch get all misshapen also. Oh, and yes I did check all full perm requirements, but am just getting started, and everyone has to start somewhere. I'm trying to get to a class, but first lets just see if I can correct my stretching tool. That item linked above I need to make smaller with stretch, but can't...it just stretches into weird shapes. p.s. And, also, I'm just practicing right now, but do need my stretch fixed for the items I do buy.
  16. Hi, I was working with full perm items and textures for the first time this past week. Anyhow, I don't know what I might have hit or clicked, but all items will only stretch into a square or other odd shapes. Any idea on what I did wrong and how to fix this as I can't stretch anything without it becoming misshapen. Also, once I make my creation from full perm items, how do I change the creation into my name so I can sell them?
  17. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: another thing to check : when you clik on the texture proprieties : who is the creator ? if someone logged into your account, and put this pics in your inventory, this person has to upolad them himself with your account. so you would have been charged 10 L$ per pic and u can easlily check this in your transaction history. and you should be displayed as the creator of these pics Otherwise, this has been sent by another avi. And again, who can be so stupid for loging into your account on the purpose to only accept these pics in your inventory OR to leave so stupid evidence of his logging into your account ? Really, i think that there are more obvious reasons that are not for worry about to explain what happened. Just checking in with thread, but not enough time to answer everyone. I never noticed this auto accept thing before but it is not checked. What I have checked is automatically view notecards, textures and landmarks after accepting. The auto accept is not checked -- it's off. What creeped me out was the pics taken of my avi were of me in a bloody vampire dress my avi was wearing for Halloween and the pics this person took were put in my trash area, along with the picture of himself or someone else...? Yes, the persons username is on the pictures and was given to the police. What also was very creepy was the notecard in the trash also that read -- the electronic world is reality, the game occurs in the physical world. Anyways, not much else to add at this time. I'm just taking precautions and trying to figure out how this happened.
  18. Senobia Xenga wrote: Is "Auto Accept" on? That might be the culprit - sent when you were offline. Many people have told you how to 'transfer' the picture to your computer and you still keep saying there is no way to do this. YES there is - several, actually - which have been explained. Did you read them? No No, auto accept is not on nor have I ever heard of it. I accept or decline everything and always have. I just noticed now that the picture also says right next to it in paraenthesis -- no modify, no transfer. How was this person able to do that...put a real life picture in my computer that is no modify/no transfer? Anyone have any idea how they made that picture no modify/no transfer? Also, a SL creator tried to send me stuff from an exclusive group I am not a member of...all items were declined by me. This is getting weird. p.s. /me waves Hi to Melita..it's been awhile. Hope u r good, Melita.
  19. Echo Hermit wrote: Mayalily wrote: Thanks for the replies thus far. I had tried right clicking before I came to the forum, and nothing. That's why the Police asked me to ask the forum if there was a way to transfer it out. Also, there is no tga area like on my other photos that I DID TAKE. However, I was successful in getting a good enough copy via another means (but not transferred into documents). This has to be a hacker because there is no way to put something in someone's inventory like that without an ACCEPT. Not to mention, I do not even know this username. Thanks for now, and I might possibly need to contact Govenor Linden. So, how do I do that? Governor Linden is not in charge of Linden Lab in spite of the name. If you really believe your account has been hacked into/compromised, then you need to submit a support ticket as soon as possible via the "help" button at the top of this screen. Linden Lab then put your account on hold while they look into the matter. If you feel so threatened, this should be your next course of action. If you do feel threatened in real life, then is the time to call in the real life police. Otherwise, it's like crying wolf, and you run the risk of being charged with wasting police time. Of course I felt threatened as there is no way to get items into someone's inventory without an accept (other than photos that come with clothing items I personally have clicked on to buy). Anyhow, as far as thread, I don't have time to respond to every response, so I am sure the Lindens and their appropriate team will take care of it; and, if anything further happens, I will take it to the authorities again as I do have monies put into that account and now have to close it. Fortunately, the account was and is empty at this time, but it was linked to payment info. Not good, but I'm not going to speculate further at this time that this was and is a real life type of threat. It is under control for now. So, let's just chill about it for now. Thanks again. I'm hoping for the best, not the worst, and that's all I can do.
  20. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: If the resident has your password he more than likely can do all of what you describe with use of any thrid part bot or inventory tool If you have the police involved why dont they call Linden Lab direct and investigate? Kind of odd they would have you ask the user forums for help in the matter Yes, I know. My account is basically, in a word, compromised. I will have to make some changes to the best of my ability. The Police simply said they aren't familiar with the program so are there people you can ask on how to transfer the photo out, and I said "yes". The police are not going to sit at my computer and try to figure out how to transfer a photo out when there is no actual threat at this time, nor was there any money in that account. My only thought as to how the photos got in my inventory is this person has compromised my account and logged in and used my avatar...took the photos of the avatar himself and accepted them, and had a friend send the real life photo and then had my avatar accept it. The above sounds most logical; however, I just need to stick to basic protocal of reporting this right now and not get into what sounds weird or not weird. Thanks again for all your help.
  21. Ry0ta Exonar wrote: Mayalily wrote: Thanks for now, and I might possibly need to contact Govenor Linden. So, how do I do that? Not Governer Linden. Call our fraud number: 800-860-6990.Ok. Thanks Ry0ta. I will do that.
  22. Thanks for the replies thus far. I had tried right clicking before I came to the forum, and nothing. That's why the Police asked me to ask the forum if there was a way to transfer it out. Also, there is no tga area like on my other photos that I DID TAKE. However, I was successful in getting a good enough copy via another means (but not transferred into documents). This has to be a hacker because there is no way to put something in someone's inventory like that without an ACCEPT. Not to mention, I do not even know this username. Thanks for now, and I might possibly need to contact Govenor Linden. So, how do I do that?
  23. Hello, A SL user put a real life photograph of himself into my inventory and also took two pictures of my avatar and put them in my inventory. I did not accept any of these photographs. They just appeared in my inventory without any accept or decline. What is creepy is that I was wearing a vampire outfit that was bloody when he took the photos - it was Halloween costume. He also put a note in my inventory that on the bottom reads: The Electronic World is reality, the game starts in the physical world. I have taken this seriously and called the police. The police have taken a report; however, the police would like to know how I can transfer this real life photo of this man out of my inventory. Can anyone help explain in how to transfer this photo into my documents on my computer so it can be printed out. And, could someone also explain how these photos got in my inventory with no accept or decline, and I also never met this username nor is this username on my friends list.
  24. PudgyPaddy wrote: Or, at least, a LB or T. I know why I am not an L, but I am getting confused with all the facts disseminated on this forum. If LGBT's make up a huge part of the population regardless what country we are talking about...then why not me? I ask because I was never told that we are all designed to be homosexual, but I was not. Is it me? Why am I different than others? Can someone please tell me the truth. Not everyone is gay, no. Whoever said that is just baiting you. And not everyone is even monogomous. Some people are even bisexual and love two people, which is probably a hard life for all people involved, as both a woman and a man could love that person, so one will get hurt. Freddie Mercury was bisexual. "Mama" written about in the song Bohemian Rapsody was the woman he loved for many years, but left when he found he loved a man more. It is obvious in that song, Mercury was a very torn soul who obviously still loved the woman he referred to as "Mama". A more interesting topic I think is I wonder if gay couples chose a straight SECOND LIFE couple from time to time or not just to try it, or if they even would be interested in trying it, even if it were role play in their own rl relationship...? I've found it interesting that many "gays" are actually bisexual. They don't talk about it to everyone, but it has been shared with me in confidence. They are in a homosexual relationship, but have a desire they don't understand to be with the opposite sex also, and all that is a spectrum towards bisexual. However, it hurts their partner very badly. It's not always black and white, especially where bisexuality is concerned.
  25. Venus Petrov wrote: I visit welcome centers 2 - 3 times each month to help new residents. Yes, there are regulars who hang out and help and others who are less helpful. I do wonder how many new residents might be turned off by the latter type of 'welcome' but it is what it is. I agree, however, if you see something that is AR-able, that you do that. It is very kind of you to want to help new residents. AR-ing is pretty useless in SL. For some people, hurting others is their hobby. LL should build like a trap into the AR mechanisim, and then the avatar would be trapped for at least 15 minutes. How about spinning their avatar around like crazy once inside the trap? If I were to build a game like this, that is what I would do. Or you build a looney bin sim and they have to go there and take meds, or they go to jail and are stuck there for a specific period of time until their griefing is investigated and stopped. LL won't do anything because it's money to them and not much more.
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