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  1. Yep! Also it never actually shows me as logged out - it just says that it logged me out but hasn’t really. I’ve also not been inactive during these times. Log in, try to place bid, claims I’ve been logged out due to inactivity. Really strange.
  2. So I'm trying to put a bid on something in the land store but keep getting a popup saying that I've been logged out due to inactivity. Relogging doesn't help; reset/hard rest doesn't help; clear cache doesn't help. Any ideas? ^_^; Thanks!
  3. I don't see a really effective way for a third party to deal with this. However, if you want to do something I'd highly suggesting posting on the modthesims website forums. If the skins are by another creator and being used without consent they are liable to recognize the original creator and let him/her know about the infringement. If the person advertising the skins on the marketplace is the original creator there isn't much to be done, alas. Like has already been mentioned, skins are always a risky buy since they rarely look very good on any shape aside from the one they were designed on. Hopefully most folks are savvy enough to look for a demo first.
  4. Hey folks! Now, I'm just curious and don't expect anyone to give up any "trade secrets" but I'd love to read about the various workflows folks have found effective. An ulterior motive to starting such a discussion is that I'm finding my current workflow rather clunky - currently I'm using Photoshop (CS2, alas - no 3D tools) and previewing on Aditi which is rather tedious when I'm just making small seam-matching adjustments. I'm experimenting with using Blender to establish a base texture template but so far even that is a little wonky. I'm going to give AvPainter a try today and see if I find it helpful. I swear I once saw something that allowed one to fiddle with a texture in Photoshop and have almost a "live preview" in another application but I may be confusing this with the Photoshop Extended 3D tools. Anyway, I love tinkering so it's all good. I hope some folks will share what works for them!
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