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  1. all my items are back and other people are saying their starting to get theirs back so it seems the issue may be resolved keeping my fingers crossed
  2. servers* sorry for the double post i hate typos >_<
  3. the asset serbers are having connection problems is the general consensus
  4. its a system wide thing dont worry they said its a network error on their end so itll be back up in probably anywhere from ten mionutes to a couple hours either way your stuff is safe dont worry heres the other thread http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Major-Issue-Server-Update-May-11-renders-100-of-inventory/m-p/865923/highlight/false#M463
  5. well hope it comes up for you soon ive been logged out for a little bit just logged back in and everything was back
  6. everything in my inventory isnt working ive been on for an hour and im just a glowing ball not one item in my inventory works
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