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  1. thank You Very much i will try that asap and give a Feedback then ?
  2. yeah.. only the inner ones just tried it.. its has still 35 prims .. Hmm.. maybe.. what if i would take a cube? maybe thats not so prim heavy? but i dont know yet how to apply my 360 Texture on it ?
  3. hello Thanks for the answers so far. well, i already thought about it and tried it with usual sphere prim.. but.. what i forgot to say in my first Post, i have a few self made 360 degree panorama picrures which i want to apply to the sphere.. on a usual prim Not really possible ?
  4. hi im still a beginner in creating mesh so im concentrating on making simple things and objects.. i want to build my own sky sphere to surround my house in the sky.. my Problem is when i create the sphere in cinema 4D and Upload it to sl then i got an enormous LI (Primcount).. when i make the sphere 50x50 i have 40 prims.. of course the bigger the more prims.. okay.. but 40??? is there something i do wrong during the upload maybe? or does anyone has some tips for me how or what to do to lower that primcount of a simple sphere? thanks very much in advance
  5. Hi Thanks Darkie for the Info, but it's okay, it will only be used when im online sending the information from my viewer.. And thanks very much Trixie. The script works perfectly for me :matte-motes-kiss:
  6. Hi :) Im currently experimenting with the stream title feature in the Firestorm Viewer (Current playing music titles are showing up in the nearby chat). I found out that I can also let these titles send to a specific channel. What i'm now trying to find out is how can i convert this stream title info on the channel into a hovertext or into a say or shout command ? I know to listen on that specific channel for the information but how can i make it to show up as hovertext or other commands ? Thanks much for help ^^
  7. Thanks very much Kwak :matte-motes-kiss: That did the trick.. I just had to adjust the pixelborder settings before baking the texture. I have set it to 4, that worked very well for me :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  8. Hi :) I have created a little test shelf in Cinema 4D (see pictures below) and on the pictures you can see what my problem is. I always get those ugly bright edges. I have no idea what im doing wrong...When i render it in Cinema 4D it looks clean without those edges.. Once i load it up it on SL it looks like that. Could anyone please tell me what the possible problem is ? is it a problem with the Mesh model itself ? or is it rather an uv map and/or texturing problem ? and what can i do to fix it ? Thanks in advance :)
  9. Awww thanks youu sooo much I've been working for hours on this and now with your help i made in seconds.. Thanks very much :matte-motes-kiss:
  10. Hi all :) I m trying to create a hollow mesh cube in cinema 4d but i cant find out how ? I know about extrude and inner extrude function but when i use these functions then the cube is open on one side.. what i want to create is a closed cube which is hollow inside, so that i can be inside then.. Like an environment cube.. Of course i could take 4 walls, a ceiling and a floor then i have my cube but i want a single mesh cube which is hollow inside. Please could anyone tell me how to do that in cinema 4d ? I was spending several hours with no result so far :( Thanks much
  11. WOW great.. thank you very much :matte-motes-kiss: That script works works perfectly.
  12. Hi Thanks, but i tried this before and it doesn't work .. The wiki says llSetSoundQueueing allows only 2 sounds to be played in queue.. thats my problem
  13. Hi all :) For Halloween i had a short mp3 file which i converted to wav. format and then split it into 4 parts.. Now i wanted to play these 4 soundfiles seamless in a row when someone touches the object. I usually had such a script in my inventory it'S a freebie but unfortunately i cannot find it any more :( I have found a pretty long script which does it, but it's not what i'm searching for because it will preload all files too long before starting with the first sound at all.. So im starting over right now.. I have found this one here .. that works very well, starting immediately when touching the object, but works only with 2 files.. Thats the Limit for a single object.. What do i need to change to play my 4 files in a row ? default { state_entry() { llPreloadSound("Sound1"); llPreloadSound("Sound2"); } touch_start(integer detected) { llSetSoundQueueing(TRUE); llPlaySound("Sound1", 1.0); llPlaySound("Sound 2", 1.0); } } Thanks very much :-)
  14. ah ok.. But when he leaves the scripted prim he is still over my land or did i misunderstand it ?
  15. They are working both :-) But a little further question came up for me. Right now when someone collides with the prim and leaves the prim again then he will be teleported home anyway.. how can i make that when he leaves the Prim that he may stay ? Do i have to use something like end collission or so ?
  16. wow thanks very much yes cause currently it's teleporting the agent immediately when he collides. Just wanted to give them more time to reconsider and if he is still there in 20 seconds then to teleport him home. I want to do a message in local chat and as dialog window as well, but i think i will figure that out :-) Just had problems with the time.. tried it a few hours and still not working .. so im very thanful now :matte-motes-kiss:
  17. Hello i'm newbie in lsl :catvery-happy:Working on a very simple security device but i don't know how and where to insert a time event ? Here is the code: default { state_entry() { llSetText("So far and not further", <1,0,0>, 5.0); } collision_start(integer total_number) { llTeleportAgentHome(llDetectedKey(0)); } } how can i make it that it teleports the agent home in about 20 seconds and not immediatelly he collides with the object? Thanks very much :matte-motes-kiss:
  18. Dartagan Shepherd wrote: Most of it works. Some of it doesn't. Other things broke. It has been lindened. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=lindened This will be their legacy. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha That made my day ..Thanks ^^ This company lost their trustworthiness long before but now we finally know why it is how it is *LOL*
  19. Hmm whats the problem with calling the original creator aka the person you bought it from ? Also the marketplace reviews on this product say that the creator is very helpful.. So why not calling him ?? I'm sure he will help you.. and who is a better help than the original creator ?
  20. What about calling the creator ???
  21. I totally agree..That's really a change for the worse.. hmmm im wondering why this isn't possible anymore Im using both LLviewer 3 and firestorm.. In Firestorm it's still possible. Another reason for me to switch over
  22. As a 'power buyer' I think its NOT recommended to add new products since everything is standing still. Sort by best selling and/or relevance is standing still without any changes since a week. So New products will probably stay in the middle of nowhere.
  23. hello saw this post accidently. since im already a full time inworld shopper i like that idea very much. But i use marketplace for product search. In the past i have seen a few merchants offering that 5% when you buy the product inworld but only when you join their group you get it cheaper but thats no problem cuz you can leave whenever you want. i think this is a workaround for that policy cuz the product has the same price inworld and you only get it cheaper as group member.
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