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  1. **I did the translation for this post** It is totally out of your mind to make any changes. For years we basics hope that the number of groups will be increased. It is hardly possible to manage my business with 42 groups. I had to take a manager for advertising. To be able to build on events, I have to take several places. Then buying groups to do business and look at all. I have no idea which 7 groups I should delete to be able to do 1 events like Spring or later Easter, Christmas. Many basics like me do not have a credit card for different reasons. But we bring LL money by paying rent,
  2. CoffeeDujour who are you replying to?? And groups most groups don't cost 20 to 50 dollars usd to join
  3. As a former premium member and now am basic as I could not afford the cost with my stuff going on in real life, does it mean that in order for me to join a new group that I will have to leave 8 or 9 to get into a new group?? If so that is very unfair. Or well we be grandfathered in?? and still keep what we have?? Over the years I found that premium membership was ok yes but as basic member I find it unfair that you may take away my groups so I can function on second life. Many of my groups are paid, and and I am active in all my groups. Please a clarification on this would be great
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