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  1. Thanks for your reply! But what do you mean by "legal entity"? I've recently been made unemployed and used the exchange as a means to help cover the costs of bills in rl, I am however fully and legally eligible to work in this country since I was born here. I'm just worried now that I haven't done something that I should have done before hand or something?
  2. I tried exchanging lindens to RL cash and it's been put on hold until I do this, I'm not sure what to do about it, as I view my avatar as an in-game character, I've never had to do this on my main account so is it okay to just go forward with it regardless of it not reflecting my RL self? My alt is a male furrie in-world and i'm actually a human and female in RL :) for god sake XD I'm just confused as to why they would need it when RL ID's are probably not going to reflect in world avatars at all? o.o If my RL ID is clearly not a reflection of my SL avi, how is that going to effect me? I'm scared Lmao.
  3. I was just curious, if one opened a business in SL and earned enough to pay for their RL upkeep, bills etc like any other job, could they register as self-employed? I don't plan on doing this but i've always wondered about the big designers and such on SL, they must earn plenty enough as a rl job to be able to class it as earnings! Not necessarily just the big designers, pretty much anyone that earns enough to cover the cost of their RL depending on what circumstance they are in. Or would it not class as self-employed?
  4. Yeah I think I'm just going to focus on making public products from now on, it's really not worth the inconveniences, and like you say, in the long run public ones are more profitable.
  5. Yes, that is probably something I should have done, but like you said I'm lucky I got paid for the work I did. Needless to say I'll start work on public products from today onwards and steer clear from customs unless they are worth all the hassle!
  6. Thank's alot for your replies everyone, at least now I know where I stand on this now
  7. Hey all, sorry if this is the wrong topic to post a thread in (wasn't sure which one this would fit under) I made a custom product for someone and I explained my TOS to this person before an order was placed, in short and in (relevant parts to this question) it basically states that I would edit the product to the customers satisfaction, now, I start by working from a reference card I hand to them, they fill in and return it to me (including reference pics/descriptions of what they would like etc) which is also what this person did. During creation I would often show this person the progress of the creation to ensure it was going in the right direction of what they want, to start off, the first model I created they weren't so happy with so I was more than happy to completely start from scratch again and let them hand me a new reference/description card to work from, during this period I would often get IMs which would throw me off the current work I was doing (which they had previously requested but changed their mind i guess) and had to keep re-doing parts of the product, which can be somewhat expected, so i'm not complaining, I continued frequently showing the customer the progress of their new reference and they became satisfied with the direction it was taking and would fill me in on what to keep and what to change etc etc which I kept doing along the way until they were happy with whatever part they were referring to. Now, as the product was 99.9% finished and just needed a slight "polish up" (nothing that was going to change what I showed them at all other than looking 'neater') and a last minute change up of anything they wanted, I showed them the final result to ensure they were completely happy to purchase it, they said they were, with enthusiasm in fact and sent the money to me, which of course was followed by me sending them the product, followed by a "Yayyy" All was well and good for several minutes, until the dreaded IM sound occured which was of course this person now claiming they werent satisfied, now, I'm not the brightest star in the sky but I'm 100% certain that just a few minutes ago they were more than happy to buy it and I made a point of ensuring that they were to avoid exactly this problem. Needless to say, I discussed what issues they had and even edited the whole thing yet again and even gave them more textures and what not than was anticipated or even discussed, they then became "satisfied" again. Several days past, lo and behold I logged into an offline IM from this person, demanding an entire new texture etc, I replied saying I am willing to edit it again. I did. I recently was away from home in RL and therefore had no access to SL, I came back today, again logged into an offline IM, this time being threatened that they are taking this matter to linden labs if i do not make them an entire new product etc calling me fraudulent and what not, when in fact this person for a start, got more than was agreed in the price, I had never refused to edit the product to this persons liking during its creation, I did everything that was asked of me and more to be quite frank, and this person is still insisting that they are unsatisfied. Now, the product itself is full perm and has already been handed over so I don't know where I stand on this because they were more than happy to start with on the second finalized product and for all I know they could just be trying to get a free product out of me, or more free things to "make up for it" they have already got more than they paid for and I just don't know what to do, I have replied stating I am willing to edit but not provide a full new product or refund due to the reason they could be just trying to get it for free. If they hadnt said they were satisfied, we wouldnt be in this situation right now because I would of continued to edit it to their preference, but the fact that they did and sent me the money and I sent them the product already has got us here, I'd just like to know where I stand on this and what I should do about it if anyone cares to help out? D:
  8. Hello everyone, i am a mutual friend of someone who was banned around march last year for violating community standards, due to this i have upmost info on the person & i believe it had something to do with selling copybotted items and Abuse. This person then returned to SL around the middle of last year, on several alts that were created on other computers, (library's w/e) which were swiftly banned again by Linden Labs, soon after my reportings. Since then the culprit has not been on SL, until 4 days ago ( I know this by FACT ) I also know that the person does not know how to mask MAC or anything similar, and the only reason he has returned recently, is because he has changed ISP. I have reported this new account to Linden Labs, with a list of his banned Alts, one of which includes part of the same name as this one, no results so far, but of course the reality of it is, my word against his. Which is very, very frustrating. As i have known him through a friend personally, and know by fact he should be banned permanantly. I am really unsure of how i would go about ensuring his punishment is rightfully served now, or how i could even get Linden Labs to just investigate. Is there anyway i can contact a linden directly, or do i go about this another way? Any help and advice is appreciated. I just feel very frustrated knowing that i know of a copy botter, and abuser and not being able to do anything about it :(
  9. Does the mac address change if your ISP Changes?
  10. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone can answer this. Someone i knew of a while ago was permanantly banned from Second Life on any account, due to selling copybotted items, i have recently been informed that this person is changing Internet Service Provider. Does this mean that their IP Address will be changed? And if so, does that mean they can return to SL, scot free on an alt? In relation to this question, if the answers are yes to both of the above, how will i be able to ensure this person is removed swiftly once again on their return? In short term, can someone who is permanantly banned, ever return to SL, & if this person does, what would be the appropriate thing to do?
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