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  1. OK, now I made this simple name converting script, still need some testing...

    searchReplaceNames "hip" "mPelvis" "all";searchReplaceNames "abdomen" "mTorso" "all";searchReplaceNames "chest" "mChest" "all";searchReplaceNames "neck" "mNeck" "all";searchReplaceNames "head" "mHead" "all";//searchReplaceNames EffectorheadsearchReplaceNames "lCollar" "mCollarLeft" "all";searchReplaceNames "lShldr" "mShoulderLeft" "all";searchReplaceNames "lForeArm" "mElbowLeft" "all";searchReplaceNames "lHand"  "mWristLeft" "all";//searchReplaceNames EffectorlHandsearchReplaceNames "rCollar" "mCollarRight" "all";searchReplaceNames "rShldr" "mShoulderRight" "all";searchReplaceNames "rForeArm" "mElbowRight" "all";searchReplaceNames "rHand" "mWristRight" "all";//searchReplaceNames EffectorrHandsearchReplaceNames "lThigh" "mHipLeft" "all";searchReplaceNames "lShin" "mKneeLeft" "all";searchReplaceNames "lFoot" "mAnkleLeft" "all";//searchReplaceNames EffectorlFootsearchReplaceNames "rThigh" "mHipRight" "all";searchReplaceNames "rShin" "mKneeRight" "all";searchReplaceNames "rFoot" "mAnkleRight" "all";//searchReplaceNames EffectorrFoot
  2. I have bunch of full perm animations, some of them are pretty good. But when I export them from Second Life so i can use them to aniamte SL rigged character in Maya, rig seems to have different names of bones, like it starts with hip, and not pelvis.


    Is there some mel screipt that would fix that issue?

  3. Well, firstly, my creations are all 100% from scratch, so there's absolutely no reason to talk about copyrighting laws and policy. Software i use it my own responsibility. Second, I can't really be specific about my skills, cause I spent years of learning, and my knowledge range is wide. My Flickr page is http://www.flickr.com/photos/milan037/ I was freelance builder for last few years, doing some exclusive builds, so I'm not able to preview those. If someone is interested, please contact me, and i will send images of my recent mesh builds.

  4. I'm looking to work for an sl company. I can design mesh objects, indoor , outdor objects with baked lightning, can also work on photography, skinning, riginging, and  various other things. My desired wedge would be around 10k linden per week. All my work would be exclusive for the company that would hire me . I will not post it anywhere else or resell it.


    I use following software: Maya, 3DS Max, C4D, Photoshop, Daz3d, mudbox...

  5. You can hire me to do almost anything, from terrain,buildings, through house hold objects and wearable stuff.
    Can also work riged body parts...

    My rates are about 1000L per day. About 200l in front for uploading purposes...
    Send me I'M even if I'm offline, I will contact you shortly...

    I would not accept projects that I could not guarantee quality , and if for some reason costumer isn't satisfied with finished project, they will receive full refund.

  6. Please help me i have the same problem;


    it says : You must first complete the Mesh IP Tutorial before you can upload mesh objects.  even tho i did it 1000 times; and affter i did, it says Congratulations! You are now registered to upload mesh!;


    but when i come back, all over again;

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