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  1. Hello, I just downloaded Phoenix Viewer , I have an Existing Acct. with Linden's Secondlife Viewer 2 , and the new viewer wont let me login it just keep's giving me the "sorry we couldent log you in please make sure you have entered the correct user Name and Password,and make sure the Cap's Lock is off" What should I do if I can't use my secondlife user name and password to login ?
  2. since this thing just erased my post i'll go over it again if you can't get this to work how do you expect to get people to PAY for anything in here media plugin webkit failed for the last three days i'm using a new comp. my prof. gave me this as a class project and i cannot do anything because the program completely crashes half the time before it starts and the rest of it search and view profile won't work there has to be some way to fix this without paying a fortune please let the rest of us know thank you...
  3. Thank you i see the whole point to this place is to be as difficult as possible i guess i'll just use the fish as my pic what a PAIN in the @$$
  4. OK what i'm trying to do is take a pic from my e-mail i've captured it with my mouse there is NO link just the pic and now it will not let me put the pic in my profile is there an easier way ?I can't believe that it is supposed to be this difficult.I've only been here 2 days and i'm ready to quit.
  5. I want this as RL profile pic how do i take it from my mouse and insert it to my profile?anyone please??????
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