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  1. Dutch Touch https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/dUTCH-tOUCH-MegAn-StartersPack-CARAMEL/2102036 half off sale going on inworld at dutch touch. most skins are bare and you can buy extra makeup Mother Goose http://blog.naver.com/tamako4 many luckyboards and freebies at her inworld shop. many with little makeup, cheap , very unique with many faces each release. not the same face over and over with tiny changes and giving it a new name Heartsick https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Heartsick-Wish-Bliss-Folding-Stars/2684789 many freebies inworld, luckyboard, group gift. I have linked to you an older skin for just 100L. Her newer skins are more expensive but can be had as gifts. Her faces are bare with lipstick on tattoo layer for the newer skins.
  2. Yes I'm sorry to say it but taking the tv away is the best solution. Perhaps you could try posting a sign saying that videos with strong language are not allowed, and then chat with the person about it if they start the video again. Why would someone keep playing a video when they have been requested not to? It's very odd. She must not care about the club rules very much. If you make the rule a general "no bad lanugage" then that person won't feel targeted. Perhaps you can also somehow set the TV to play only by the owner's touch. I don't own one of those so I don't know if it is possible but I would be surprised if it isn't. Then the owner or allowed list of users can take requests and play videos they think will be well recieved. Another thing...how long is she leaving the video on? I don't think anyone wants to hear one song on repeat. And you say it keeps going even after she leaves. Best not to let any video run more than once is my advice.
  3. Don't worry. No need to trash the item. As long as you click decline there is no way it can hurt you. But there are legitimate reasons for an item to ask you that. Affliate vendors are one reason. Another reason is sometimes there will be a catalouge you can "shop from home" with. It is actually a vendor meant for you to use right from home, without going to marketplace or the store. It is a surprise to see the message but it is probably one of those things and nothing to worry about.
  4. "Seriously, I'm about to throw the towel in right now. " "This is just the last straw." "Until now, I've still been getting something out of SL." "LL's mission could be so simple: Bring back the fun." "SL has stopped being fun for me. " Seriously you need a break from the game. What you say isn't new. it happens to people in Aion, WoW, Lineage and every game ever. People get burned out, they get bored and tired of their game. Maybe you will come back and be refreshed ready to enjoy SL again. Maybe you will never come back and instead find new things you enjoy. But it's clear that you will not be pleased with what their direction is, so you might as well cut your losses. Stop thinking about it, and "about to"...just do it already. Some are happy with the recent changes, some aren't. But happy or not we cannot control LL's actions. Just play what you enjoy don't log in to annoy yourself. As for mesh, I'm loving it. I don't care if people on old viewers can't see me. I don't care if I have to modify my shape. Of course not all mesh clothes will be a shape I will use. But some are... and I already modify my shape to fit prim clothing, system skirts and certain boots and hairs. Changing my shape for an outfit is nothing new. It isn't good for everyone but it's perfect for me. That's fine, people don't have to use it if they don't want to. Maybe some people are perfectly happy with skintight clothing and flexi skirts, but I never was. Some people are happy with system skins and hair, or happy with nonprim bare feet or happy with hair four years old and shoes made of blocky prims and giant invisible blocks. When you are used to a certain look then you don't notice the problems. And that is fine if others want to enjoy those things then they can. But to say that Jane's new dresses have terrible fit sounds pretty silly to me. I doubt such a sentiment would come out if V1s were able to see mesh.
  5. I'm sorry that you will have to move that really sucks. There are a few reasons I disagree that Linden homes are competition for land owners. 1. Very low prims, no privacy, no freedom to decorate with the house style you want and the yard plants and flowers you want etc. A linden home is not a real home. Noone who wants a real home will be content with a linden home. They can put a bed out and a few decorations but they can't really make it their own. As soon as someone starts decorating they will find their prim limit is hit almost immediately. People who want a home will pay for a good one, people who don't care about a home won't bother anyways. 2. Newbies don't know that having a home can be fun. As a newbie the question is, why should I rent a home? I want to buy clothes and hang out at a club. I can use a sandbox for free, I can chat for free...it isn't worth it. A linden home gives them a small taste, a sample of owning a home. They learn that decorating can be a lot of fun. But the linden home is so restrictive that they will want more, and the only way to get more is rent (or buy) it. So I suspect that linden homes actually create more renters. People too cheap to rent or not interested will just use a sandbox. The reason there are less renters right now I suspect is much more due to the economy, sales of everything is down in second life right now. People can't afford to spend money in the game as they used to. Clothing sales are low, skin sales are low, everything including land. I also have no proof, no statistics. So it's possible that I am wrong and people really are happy with a linden home when they otherwise would rent a real home. But I don't think so. P.S. I was one of those newbies who didn't think renting was worth it untill I saw how fun it was to decorate.
  6. You must draw it on, just like everything. Shadows and highlights will give depth. So for the glow you must paint on lighter colors.
  7. There is a place that makes avatars just like the jello. Very abstract things such as pile of molten lava that bubbles when you type or a solar system avatar that is constantly readjusting itself. A mushroom that has little legs, a peace sign, a glowing orb that pulses. The animations really make a difference. Yoa Ogee is the creator and while I don't have the surl of her shop on hand I can show you some links to photos of her avatars. http://npirl.blogspot.com/2008/03/yoa-ogees-avatars-for-peace-and-smiles.html http://www.flickr.com/photos/bettinatizzy/sets/72157604098316718/ http://elinsl.blogspot.com/2008/08/yoa-ogee-avatars-and-roaming-extropia.html can google her name to find more too.
  8. Doesn't paying with paypal give a 30cent surcharge on every purchace? I would suggest always buying lindens for your account and then shopping while paying with Lindens. I know the estimated real life price they give for each item is quite inflated.
  9. One thing to keep in mind about hair color...for black, asian, hispanic, native american and nearly every race besides european ... dark brown and black tones are your only natural looking options. A black man with blonde hair stands out as much as if he has dyed it blue or pink. So I prefer dark hair on males and females when it is race appropriate. I prefer natural looking hair colors. For this reason I don't like peroxide blonde or rainbow colors much but honey tones, reds and browns can all look equally nice on european avatars in my opinion. I also think many people enjoy giving their avatar their real life hair color. And many men just happen to have dark hair colors. Perhaps many women just happen to dye their hair blonde, I don't know. Most people I know in SL do not change hair colors on a whim but stick with one. Most of the females in my SL social circle happen to have dark brown hair so it is possible that the blonde is more popular with those attempting to emulate the adult movie star look on zindra.
  10. First, I'm sorry if you think anything over zero percent bodyfat is flabby. There is nothing wrong with wanting a bodybuilder skin or very toned skin but the fact that a skin shows some fat on the belly doesn't automatically make it flabby. Even skinny people have it and in general people enjoy a soft womans' body. That is why such a look is popular, the way you describe it...it sounds as if you feel all the skins come with pot bellies. There is a place inbetween "I lift weights" and "getting chubby", it isn't a straight cross over from one point to the next. That you don't think your avatar looks good in bikinis reeks of BDD and the rail thin girl who imagines shes' 3 pounds overweight and hideous. But this is online so I guess that's okay? Is it possible to have BDD over an avatar? In any case like I said there is nothing wrong with you wanting the sort of skin you want and nothing wrong with prefering the toned bodytype. But since it isn't popular it will be harder to find. In the photo you linked she has a bit of ab definition but not much. Most skins with any abs on the females end up being pronounced. I think the pink fuel and body co skin may be close to what you are looking for. As you can see some of the photos she linked have little stomach shading. I hope you can find what you're looking for.
  11. Bodyline - super lovely, obviously ethnic. Best skin tone I've seen if you want to be the darkest brown, without looking like someone just added a layer of grey over it. 800L for 2 skins...a makeup + nude skin. Not cheap but if you're going to spend money in SL it will be on a skin. Group join is 250 and gives away free skins a few times a year. Cupcakes - some nice brown tones in a few different shades, some do appear to just be tints, others are richer. Also the face is not different from caucasian versions. BUT with shape that can be overcome, and the prices are 100-250L for many of the skins with a pack of all colors free at the fabfree location. Dulce Secrets - Some nice tones for medium brown and hispanic looks. 300L a skin, with common hunts + a free skin for those under 30 days. Heartsick - Many tones with reddish tans to dark browns that work with ethnic features. Freebie skins, 60L skins, luckyboards and regular range from 300-800L. Also a group which has a skin in all tones given every month or so, group is free to join at certain points during the month. Tuty's - Lovely ethnic skins and full avatars of all types. Faces built around their specific race. Free skins of all tones too, but of lesser quality, still fine to wear as a newbie.Plus they have free hairs, AOs and clothing which makes it a popular newbie destination. Those are the best examples I can think of which include some sort of deal.
  12. It's a sweet idea, but if you want your ideas to be made in SL you will have to pay for it. A person who can make things already has a bunch of things in their mind they want to create, and little time. There is no way you will get a split of the profit if someone makes your idea. At best they would give you one free copy of the item. Everyone who plays SL has great ideas for what they would like to see in world, few get around to making them. Now, if you made your own shop, did all the selling, setting up vendors, making model pictures and advertising/blogging. Then you have a possiblity of creating an alliance with a creator who would work with you and even share profit. It will still be hard to find someone, but at least then you have a chance. Either way you will have to spend money/time/work. If all you have is an idea, that is called a "custom job." By the way, you say you have no artistic ability. But if you work for hours each day (as many creators in SL do) you will surprise yourself with what can happen. Building with prims, texturing fabric...its not exactly the same as just drawing a picture from scratch. There are templates and guides and files you can download. You CAN do this, but you don't WANT to, because it is a LOT of work to learn, and that's not so fun. Now think about it...if you spent all that time learning how, would you want to use a strangers ideas, and then pay them anything at all? hehe
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