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  1. I looked up tutorials for creating a fluffy tail and everyone uses cones. well how do i make it flexi?? if i click the flexibility button it makes th top of the cone flexi. but thats where it attaches to the avi. how do i make a flexi tail? thank you in advance
  2. I cannot age verify. I live in the United States and i am 18 years old. I enter my information and it tells me that my information does not match public records. Whenever i ask someone for help they say make a support ticket, but it won't let me. so please do not tell me to make a support ticket. i have a basic account and i can't make one. i apologize if i sound rude i am extremely frustrated.
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    thank you very much I know the jobs don't pay much but i don't have real money to buy any lol.
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    How do I get a job inworld?? what kinds of jobs are there?? does it require real life skills?? I hope that makes sense. I'm new to this game and I'm really confused on how it works.
  5. I THINK I GOT IT TO WORK ON THE PHOENIX VIEWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..... but It's confusing me haha um anyone used it?
  6. Well I looked at my graphics card again and it says I have the most recent graphics card. Do you think it will work if I try downloading the Phoenix viewer or whatever it is instead?? I read about it somewhere on here.
  7. I went to the website and it is giving me two options to download either the Catalyst Software Suite or the WDM Integrated Driver I'm not sure which one to choose.
  8. hmm those were supposed to be pictures but they didn't show up obviously
  9. okay and no i'm not running anything while trying to launch SL
  10. Peggy Paperdoll if I delete all the sims off of my computer and other games would that clear up space with my graphics card?
  11. Actually I don't even get an error message. Nothing shows up it has the little grey box that says detecting hardware and the VFS thing but they a windows message pops up and says something caused the program to close. it doesn't have any solutions for it either. No error message no help from windows nothing. i'll take a picture of what shows up and post it
  12. when I looked at the system requirements page I saw Graphics Card for XP**: •NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better •OR ATI Radeon 8500, 9250 or better •OR Intel 945 chipset Graphics Card for Vista or Windows 7 (32-bit only) (requires latest drivers)**: •NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better •OR ATI Radeon 9500 or better •OR Intel 945 chipset when I went to my computer this is what mine says: Adapter type: ATI Radeon X1250 chip type: ATI Radeon X1200 Series (0x79 1E) Total Graphics Memory: 895 MB Dedicated Video Memory: 256 MB
  13. If I can run the sims 2, the sims 3, and World of Warcraft on my computer sould I be able to run second life? I don't know much about computers but my uncle says it's an extremely good computer and it should be able to run anything.
  14. yeah thats right. if I go to the site I can log in but if I click on the viewer on my desktop it crashes. and I'm a she lol
  15. okay I wen't to my computer information and this is what I found I hope this is what you meant. Manufacturer: Acer Processor AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor BE-2350 2.10 GHz Memory (RAM): 2.00 GB System type: 32-bit Operating System And i have Windows Vista Home Premium
  16. I'm having issue's running the game. I've searched all the forums and contacted customer support with no response and I don't know where else to go. When I click on the game is says detecting hardware, something about VFS, and then it says a problem caused the program to close. I've tried rebooting the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling the SL Viewer and nothing works.
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