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    64 bit

    Second Life is rather slow loading, and I was wondering when it would be 64 bit so it could handle 4gb+ or render in OpenCL so it would be on par with the speed of other games, such as World of Warcraft.
  2. Thank you everyone for the helpful comments. I think the 64bit thing is becoming a greater issue. Seems my 64bit programs process information faster than my 32bit programs. From video editing, 3d modeling, and gaming(such as the new Adobe Premiere, the latest Sony Vegas Pro, efrontier Shade, sidefx Houdini, and World of Warcraft), I am noticing tremendous differences in performance on my i5. And my video card also. As Second Life has grown, I'm certainly interested in it, but the performance issues are not helping. For example... if I log into Star Trek or WoW, I'm having amazing graphics, response time, performance speed, and stability, but when looking at somewhat similar graphics with far less members in an area in Second Life, my computer is not processing in a close speed to these others. I watched a friend play Fable III and Metro the other day on their amd computer and said those are amazing graphics. My friend loaded up second life and it froze atleast 3 times in the 3 times it was opened in two days. His connection was 22mb down. So... that's nearly 3times faster than mine(I share mine... so that's 6 times faster really). There was also slow graphic element drawing, in comparison to those crazy looking games. What I am figuring is that since Linden Labs is taking extra time getting up a 64 bit version, I have my hopes up that it will be looking into the OpenCL and mostly GPU rendering that the big guys like sidefx houdini the newest sony vegas pro are using these days. That would be sweet. Hoping for the best.
  3. Hello. When is Second Life going to be 64bit? I can't run it without crashing my video driver right now on Win7 64. And When might ATI FirePro cards be supported? Thank you.
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