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  1. Hello ! I Am new to the forums. But I figured I shall try here..... I am looking for a submissive/slave/babygirl.....Preferably males but I like both..... They have to be okay with me being owned by a Daddy already and maybe be interested to be in Bloodlines..... They will need to be on alot of the time I am and be open to BDSM and normal type relationship things like cuddles and dancing with me when I am at clubs..... I am open to Puppys who want an owner as well..... IM Me in world to get to know me.....PrinceyIce Resident
  2. PrinceyIce

    Verifying Age

    well that needs to change cause i need it.....everyplace i have as a landmark im cant get to now
  3. PrinceyIce

    Verifying Age

    I dunno what Im going to do about it.....
  4. PrinceyIce

    Verifying Age

    i did the state ID but it said denied
  5. PrinceyIce

    Verifying Age

    I dont have a passport cause im in us
  6. PrinceyIce

    Verifying Age

    I have been trying to verify my age for a couple weeks and I do every verification they have avaliable. I even updated my billing information. I got failed everytime by the verifying.....I would like to have this verified please......Can you please help me?
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