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  1. Hi Carnassial On the second life marketplace search for Xcite!. The creator is very popular and lots of other items are xcite compatible. They offer many sizes and accessories that may work for you. I have one that matched many human skin tones, as well as a werewolf fur I wore personally. A blue grey drow skin and a pink fox. They have a store Inworld to get demos. Best of luck to you and maybe someone else can recommend some other options.
  2. Waves Hello You might want to check the SL Marketplace for something close to what you want and get creative yourself. I have found some furry's in the past and here is one link to a free on with lots of body styles and colors - male and female included in the pack. This one is free: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/free-furry-avatars-by-Wingless-Emoto/5846626?page=2 Have FUN ^.^
  3. Hello Sugar - not sure if this matches what you saw before. However, I searched for "equestrian" in the Forums and found a few possible for "Horse Play": Posted by : SnakeLady Melody Free Homes & Low Price Rentals On A PG Family Friendly Equestrian Themed Sim ‎ HHVET & Animal Sanctuary currently has several rental properties available for both people and animal avatars! And as always, we offer comletely free housing for both people and animals as well. We are a close knit, friendly, family oriented community who will always greet you with a smile. You will think you have l
  4. Yes some do! You might try the Kinddom of Sands (they had several rp sims developed like vampires family (not bloodlines). They have lands to rp and rentals there for rpers. You can get a visitors tag at the landing point to explore. This is a copied from their inworld Landmark: Kingdom of Sands - they have undead mage and weapon systems to capture and fight. They had at one time several rp sims available like vampires -: 2-SIMs Real Traffic - socionex.com -Web-integrated Game Fantasy Role Play Combat Capture RPG Medieval Sword Knight Undead Magi Slaver Bedouin Djinn Mermaid Pirate Dunge
  5. Be sure that your building prims are not too many for your land capacity. A lot of 512 is 117 prims - if your house is more than that you can't rez it. Your "About Land Tab" will show lot size and prim totals:) If the building size or footprint is too large for yur lot you will also not be able to rez it.
  6. Hi! I would recommend this land rental group: Ravenglass Rentals Owner is Prokofy Neva They have all kinds of land for rent world wide All sizes and prices and themes. I have sent you a current rentals available IW just now Jesus And one more thing is you can cancel your rental at any time for Immediate refund if you change your mind or want to move! Good luck to you!
  7. I can recommend a company that I have rented from for almost the last year Multiscenes Skybox Select Rentals (Adult Land) 45 + Scenes (all styles rp too - Paris, NY, Beaches, Castle and more! gorean- cities) Security Intan Dance TV and radio each skybox Private (no flying allowed) BDSM and private club is one of the scenes. You can rez up to 100 prims in your own platform Quality Buildings every scene 250 Lindens Weekly / 100 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sylvan%20Grove/247/124/251 They also offer some 60 Linden 15 week rentals called 60 Linden Rentals http
  8. I have rented from them before: Zen Land Group Operating in Second Life for 4 years! A great move forward from Linden rentals or skybox or apartment rentals. You will have the powers and abilties you need to enjoy your land the way you wanted to!! Keeping rates low so you can enjoy your time more in SL! 512m is 125-150/week 117 prims 1024m ----- 250-275L/wk 234 Prims 2048m ----- 475-525/wk with 468 Prims 4096m ----- 1000-1050/week with 937 prims 8192m ----2000-2050/week with 1875 prims 16384m---3750-4100/week with 3750 Prims <--cheaper than buying your own land and the monthly tier on it! 3
  9. Offering unique Lot next to Pits Truck Stop Rez Area on Route 1. ( a Linden Labs property) Sailable ocean is close by on hetrotera Atoll and beyond. Just listed at 6,000 Lindens http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ribeata/155/204/45 Enjoy YOUR SL
  10. Hi If your looking for a rental I can recommend this company. Great prices but land is in different locations around the world: Zen Land http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Parcels-for-Rent-Mainland/ZEN-Land-Group-Available-land-rental-listings/m-p/2708748 Also, if you search this forum for Bee Real Estate (rentals and sales) http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Parcels-for-Rent-Mainland/RENT-A-HOME-NO-RULES-NO-CONVENANT-SINCE-2007/m-p/2776992 and Willowdale Estates looks interesting. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Parcels-for-Sale-Estate/WILLOWDALE-ESTATE-where-Luxury-means-som
  11. Hi Bailey... I searched Inworld for hip hop and found lots of matches. You might find some fun places to party Clubs change a lot over time. I can't give you any names of a great "active club". WickedFun
  12. Hi Try a search in the Marketplace for: VW Bus For some to find. Have Fun Thea!
  13. Enjoy tranquil area by the historic Temple. Included is two buildings with your purchase: 1. A Pirate Ship Supply Company 2. A Pirate Tattoo Parlor Sailable and walkwys travel this is near the Herereocera wetlands Atoll Land sea or air travel. 12,000 Lindens Parcel can be found at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bella/235/119/21
  14. Well I just found a few people looking that may work. Just look under the category you posted in Role Play, previous postings. Not sure if they are a match... One is titled Lords and Ladies. Good Luck to you
  15. Hello I think you need to log into second life and copy your home address there. You can't really teleport from that page. You may also see your new home under Land Owned when you log in.
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