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  1. Hi everyone. I run a SL group where entrance is determined by the filling out of a questionnaire which is given via a vendor. I would like to auto-fill the applicant's name in the NC's title when said applicant clicks the vendor and accepts the NC. What function, if any, can accomplish this? Thanks in advance!
  2. Is this a violation of the TOS or Community Standards? Sorry, but I couldn't find references to this in the knowledge base.
  3. Grayarm626


    Hi all, I created an animation using Qavimator in which my avatar is kneeling and raising his hands. However, when I upload and run it, he is standing (while raising his hands). So the animation is only half right. What else do I need to do to get the animation working 100% correctly?
  4. Grayarm626

    Bug-eyed AVs

    Hey, clearing the cache fixed it! Thanks, Nyll! You guys, rock!
  5. Grayarm626

    Bug-eyed AVs

    Standard viewer (could never get the 3rd party viewers to work for me). OS is Windows 7
  6. Grayarm626

    Bug-eyed AVs

    Hi everyone! AV question... My AV's eyes seem to bleed through the sockets, creating a nasty glitch. Screenshot is here: http://i980.photobucket.com/albums/ae285/Cyberwatt/SLbugeyeglitch.jpg Other players say they can't see the glitch. I just upgraded my graphics drivers, so I'm covered there. Know anything else I could try?
  7. The new URL works. Thanks for all the research guys. I guess I'll just have to be more selective of URLs in future.
  8. The url is http://sc7.spacialnet.com:22018/ It plays fine in Winamp. SL doesn't seem to like it though.
  9. Thanks so much! That did it.
  10. I found a 96 kbits/s shoutcast I wanted to use for background music to my skybox, but though it stream successfully in Winamp, it doesn't play in SL. However, other similar shoutcasts do indeed work in SL. Any ideas about why one particular stream might work while another doesn't?
  11. I've heard of certain "system textures" that can make a prim invisible. Where can I access these textures?
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