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  1. I was very pleased a couple weeks ago that when I felt like going for a spin, I was able to drive my Dominus Shadow from Mowry out past Waterhead with no trouble. Fortunately that avoids the problem I had tonight wanting to fly from Mowry to Abbotts -- seems that no matter what route you take, you can't avoid running into a parcel that's "full" and your vehicle is immediately stuck. Grrr...
  2. Keli Kyrie wrote: I drive a Lamborghini in SL and I just totally love it. You must *really* love it -- looks like you gave up two arms for it! Ah haw, ah haw haw haw... Sorry.
  3. This was bad enough news I even registered on SLUniverse so I could reply...
  4. Void Singer wrote: wow, that first link was a trip down memory lane.... so many old friends acquaintances, and legends of the era... Ever since I got on these forums, I've been dying to start feeling nostalgia for a "War In Jesse: Is It Upon Us?" thread...
  5. Recently a lot of land in Mowry and Bradmoor has changed hands, but as I look at the map there's almost nothing for sale in the 9 sim block centered on Mowry. Granted Hepburn is a Linden water sim... I'm fairly amazed. I suppose I should go poking around and make sure great chunks of it aren't abandoned and waiting to be processed, but I don't think that's the case. Just thought it would make for an interesting counterpoint.
  6. I would still like to know the intended goal(s) of the experiment. How quickly the thread would derail? How many replies before somebody asked for the source of the data? How many would pile-on with/without tryinh to validate the assertion? Which residents would respond? Social experiments in the forums FTW!
  7. For my money, if you're going to mention Prok then you have to define FIC / feted inner core... And following from that, was SLCC in the list? One other resident I'd suggest: Anshe Chung, if only because of the percentage of search results related to SL that she shows up in.
  8. My advice: Don't spend those L$ until you see something in-world that you decide you really want. For now just keep exploring and having fun; before you know it you'll see something really cool, discover it's for sale, and you'll have a nice bit of dosh to buy it with.
  9. I shudder to think of what a "second version" of SL would be like, considering the likely Second System Effect. To sum it up, when you get the green light to do a "clean sheet" redesign of a system, you tend to include so many features and partially-understood improvements that the result is a bloated horror that's far worse than whatever shortcomings it sought to address. Then, after suffering through that, you generally find a balance when you redesign it for a third iteration. This is not the same as people complaining that the world (or SL) will end when Feature X is introduced, removed,
  10. Kelli May wrote: They're made out of meat?! http://baetzler.de/humor/meat_beings.html "You're asking me to believe in sentient meat." God I love that piece!
  11. I must say, I am dissapointed to see all this folderol about religious inspiration. The Captive of Crescent is a scientific specimen, nothing more! One which may - and I must stress "may" until our good Doctor is allowed to proceed with his experiments - hold the key to certain crucial advances in avatar medicine. Please, good people, give Dr. Sir Alazarin Mondrian Mobius the time and room he needs to conduct his investigations! He must be allowed to erect a New Apparatus, preferably involving a Jacob's Ladder, a Van de Graff generator, many glowing tubes, and ideally something that zaps the
  12. There doesn't seem to be any disagreement that the new resident experience is critical, maybe in how to fix it... When I returned recently I was stunned to learn that the mentor program was no longer running. When I came through orientation there was usually a Linden in the welcome area; handing that off to the mentor program seemed a brilliant way to leverage LL's resources while still creating a good atmosphere for newbs who reached the welcome area for the first time. I was also reminded of how Events used to be fairly easy to find in the ancient clients. There are probably a lot of reaso
  13. Valen Serpente wrote: However, Death was not able to claim this wayward soul. I thought the regenerative phenomenon was significant, but this is frankly amazing. Some property or attribute that prevents death?? The mind boggles... However it is important to note that while there are no outward signs of such a condition, this could be an indication that the regeneration is actually related to some mutation of the "undead" condition already well documented in various regions by other researchers. Indeed, we must proceed with extreme caution. Herr Sir Doctor, I think we must delay the vivi
  14. Exactly the kind of short film I prefer - don't even try to tell me everything. Give me the sketch, and trust that I can fill in the details. Bravo.
  15. Alazarin Mondrian wrote: Our captive zombie bot's missing leg has miraculously regrown itself. Think of what this could mean to the quality of life for all the paraplegic and wheelchair-bound WW2 Online veterans stuck on their 512s in Jessie and elsewhere around the mainland. Not to mention -- does this kind of regenerative capacity have any effect in the face of the heretofore mysterious processes at work in the undead? Clearly we're going to have to step up our investigations -- there's too much at stake to let this opportunity slip through our fingers!
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