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  1. How do I design my own clothes and put them in the marketplace? Like where and how do I get templates? Where can I find a tutorial? Thanks, MC
  2. Can I change my avatar's name?
  3. MCashley


    Thank You Very Much
  4. MCashley


    How do I remove those annoying underclothes? I put a tank top on my avatar and those underclothes won't go away and it looks really ugly. Thanks, MC
  5. They're asking me how much money I have on my acct. and three friends names. What does that have to do with anything?
  6. I've submitted a case ticket. What do I do now? Thanks, MC
  7. I bought some clothes,but cannot find them now. Where exactly in my inventory should I look? Thanks, MC
  8. The link on the home registration page gives me a error "not found" when I try to register for a home. =\
  9. i just purchased a premium account and I want to know how do I get my house? Also,would like to know is there a link that should be given to me on any additional benefits? :robothappy:
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