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  1. Thank you for the assistance. I did not know you could set to Second Life with another Viewer.(Not sure why you'd want that anyway unless it's just like another skin) I did see something on SL site about a Beta Viewer. True I do not want to use a Beta anything. As I said before I'm not and end user. I just know enough to install,uodate, and troubleshoot. Thanks again
  2. I am a comuter techinician at a college. I do not use SL. I only update as needed on the MAC version. Can someone help me with my questions as it seems impossible to actually contact SL or Linden Labs? Is there a difference between Second Life and Second Life Viewer? Is the Beta Version a test version not fully checked for "bugs" Is it best to run the update or remove the current version and install fresh? My most important question follows.One Professors uses this progam extensively. They tell me that the program CANNOT be used if a new version exists and is awaiting an update. They report that I must update the program to fix bugs or else the program will not run. I am told that SL frequently has many updates.This concerns me becuase I have 16 laptops and have to do the updates indiviually at this point because I have no way to push this en mass right now. Thank you for anyone out there that can help me learn more.
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