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  1. Mine are not symetrical either. >>Hmm, so I downloaded "Fitted Mesh Skeleton.zip" and found that the legs of female mesh model are not completely symmetric.
  2. Hi, it works for me now. I was able to use the URL from the upload mesh options box in Aditi and had to take the tutorial test again. Thanks!
  3. Hi, yes im able to upload mesh files to the main grid, thanks
  4. Same problem here even after changing my password and waiting 24 hours.
  5. I can't upload mesh content to ADITI also, I get a message with a link but the URL does not work http://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/my/account/mesh.php
  6. I have tested the script on various linksets and all seems to be working great!!!
  7. @Indeterminate Schism Super cool, i can't wait to log to try it out thanks so much for your work!!!!
  8. Hi, All the prims we are using on this build are sculpties so they all will be will be zero aligned, the build is made to be worn by avis and I thought it could be helpful for the user to be able to adjust it depending on their own avi proportions. This is my idea, using the http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linkset_resizer_with_menu as a template, but im lost on how to make the script aware when you change from different axis, the previous resizing get lost... resizeObject(float scale) { integer link_qty = llGetNumberOfPrims(); integer link_idx; vector new_size; vector new_pos; if (link_qty > 1) { //link numbering in linksets starts with 1 for (link_idx=1; link_idx <= link_qty; link_idx++) { link_scale_a = llList2Vector(llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(link_idx,[PRIM_SIZE]),0); new_size = llList2Vector(link_scales, link_idx-1); new_pos = llList2Vector(link_positions, link_idx-1); // new_size = scale * llList2Vector(link_scales, link_idx-1); // new_pos = scale * llList2Vector(link_positions, link_idx-1); if (axis == "x") { new_size.x = new_size.x * scale; new_pos.x = new_pos.x * scale; } if (axis == "y") { new_size.y = new_size.y * scale; new_pos.y = new_pos.y * scale; } if (axis == "z") { new_size.z = new_size.z * scale; new_pos.z = new_pos.z * scale; } if (axis == "all") { new_size = scale * llList2Vector(link_scales, link_idx-1); new_pos = scale * llList2Vector(link_positions, link_idx-1); } if (link_idx == 1) { //because we don't really want to move the root prim as it moves the whole object llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(link_idx, [PRIM_SIZE, new_size]); } else { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(link_idx, [PRIM_SIZE, new_size, PRIM_POSITION, new_pos]); } } } }
  9. Hi, Thanks for the reply, i'm thinking that i could do something similar to this script: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linkset_resizer_with_menu using llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast()
  10. Hi, Does anybody have info on a resize script that can change sizes on a linkset a sigle axis at the time? Thanks!
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