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  1. Is it possible tp log in then control an avatar and tp and all that? It sure is not happening for me.
  2. I know this is off subject but what else to do?
  3. I seem to be invisible here. cannot see myself even though I am logged in.
  4. I agree. I am drifting towards simply not coming back. I have found that it is not possible to get into sl and the questions I am asked are aimed at people who have managed to get into sl but are having problems while in sl. There is no help with this incurable condition. At first I tried several times a day but now I do not bother much. As has been said, you just drift away and, in my case, do the garden. It's all a great pity, I had some good times here a few years ago but now no more.
  5. I log in using name and password. The caption in top right changes to "log out" . Then nothing else happens. I realise you are just a second life user but where do these linden staff hide? This used to be a fun place. Anyway thank you for at least responding. There is obviously no way of getting into sl any more. No messages of any sort.
  6. I come to second life log in and that is as far as it goes. There seems to be no help available. I guess you are all waiting for me to give up and go away. It is a pity, I used to have fun here.
  7. You have been here for 5 years? I cannot even get in after a couple of weeks. There must be a way.
  8. Thank you all for trying to help me. The comments you make seem to refer to a person who is logged in and is having problems with the avatar. I cannot be logged in although sl says I am. The problem with the avatar is that there is no avatar. I cannot get into sl at all. I will persist for the rest of the day and when that fails will leave sl and try again at about Christmas 2011. It is a pity that it ends like this because I used to enjoy coming here. The problem is quite simple to solve if you have seen it before but I have not and neither has any one I have contacted about it And yet Linden labs think I am active here so no help with them.
  9. Cannot reply to the various responses to my question. Do not have an avatar hence no activity whatsoever. Should I leave and return as a different avatar in a few months time? Most of your responses are not understood.
  10. After a lot of help from Linden staff I can seem to log in but no avatar and no teleport. I am just outside looking in. Do I have to leave and come back as another character?
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