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  1. Of course I remember you! Your last name was a little bit different, though. ;3 How long have you been a watermelon? High five for ancient friendships! BLAM! I think what I really need is a new going-nowhere group of supertalented professional procrastinators to work on never to be released project like all of my previous endeavors. Those were the best days. I also added my 'interests' to the v2 profile as previously suggested, though I can't see that leading anywhere positive. People will now just filter me out for being a nutjob. I haven't slept in 3 days. I'm going to explode now, everyone please open your parasols to page 36 and begin reading aloud while shielding yourself from my raining giblets. : D
  2. I guess I could also play XyChess in the park with other senior citizens.
  3. So a little bit about myself, I guess would be a good way to start off. My name is Chibi Chang, and this is probably my first forum post in about 7 years. As of this month, I have been in Second Life for 8 years, it should be obvious that the density of people that have stuck through this long is very thin. I have DJ'd many nights away, designed and obliterated entire cities, seen many good people come and go. I am indisputably the first male cat boy in the world, and quite a few people in the past have found that alluring. This might be going too far, but sometimes I like to think that all of the other cats in the world after me are my misguided children. :3 Almost all of my friends are gone from the world now, however, and it is very lonely for someone like me, who has seen it all and has no aspirations to do anything to even log in anymore. I see this phenomena probably similar to being a senior citizen in real life, and having your friends and relatives perish, leaving you with nothing but your children to watch over. I don't know what I'm trying to say, everyone. I guess I just want to find some new and consistent people that are relatively intelligent and fun to be around. Maybe even some people that might spark my creativity and get me doing things again. I don't want to be too picky, but I don't want to be friends with everyone in the world either. Let's make this thread a sort of application process. Feel free to message me inworld or here, and if you pique my interest, I'm sure we can have a lucrative friendship. :D PS: I apoligize if any of this sounds grim, offensive, or depressing. I'm just not in a great mood at the moment, hence my seeking of new friendship to brighten my life.
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