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  1. All I remember was it was a futuric place. In the shape of a circle with a big column of light in the middle. Shop had a blue hue. Contained different items like cyber masks, jedi robes, full avatars, etc. Shop owner had hunts where she gives items to the first people to find skulls in her store. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I have done exactly this. But I couldn't log onto my account. I submitted it through my guest e-mail. Will I not be able to see the ticket on an alt?
  3. The possibility of phishing is highly possible, as my other accounts have been hacked recently.
  4. My account was banned a couple nights ago, after just coming back to secondlife. I logged on to find out that my account was terminated, I checked my email and there it was, an email saying that I had been copybotting. Althought I admit that there may have been suspicious items in my inventory, it was without my knowing and by no means was I marketting these items. Looking for some clarity and help on the issue I called Linden Labs. The customer support girl was nice but couldn't help me, so she redirected me to submit a ticket, which I did. I submitted a ticket that night, feeling reassured that I would get some answers, but alas, its been 24 hours and no response. Logging on to an alt and checking on the ticket leads me to a page that says it doesn't exist. Why would Linden Labs not provide me with any answers? What do I have to do to be heard?
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