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  1. Of course it is. And it's really a very elegant alternative to limiting text only viewers that DO run natively on the tablet. I've been a splashtop user for over a year and I have to say I'm a big fan. That's not to say it doesn't have some drawbacks, but it's the best currently available solution for getting the full SL experience on a tablet. Pros: Cheap, one time cost Full SL graphic experience Back end is free and can be installed on as many computers as you like Performance is astounding compared to other remote desktop apps such as VNC or Logmein Cons: High bandwidth usage Back end PC must be on or remotely bootable Performance is good but still not as smooth as being at the PC SL controls are not optimized for a tablet Overall, it works pretty good, it's cheap, and it's the best available alternative for mobile SL that's available today (in my opinion).
  2. There's also a way you can do this right now if you have a fast enough PC and internet connection and an ipad or Android tablet. Get an app called Splashtop Remote. Its a remote control app like Logmein or VNC, but its a new breed of remote control app that provides good enough performance to watch videos or play games remotely. It still won't be quite as smooth as playing directly on the PC, but it's very playable, gives full graphics, and can even be used over the internet and with a fast 4G connection. It's not perfect, but the app usually costs <$10 (the price seems to vary a lot), the software you install on your PC is free, and it will certainly do until somebody makes a full SL client for a tablet.
  3. Download an app for your ipad called Splashtop Remote. You'll need to install a (free) program on your SL PC, and if your PC is already chugging trying to run SL this probably won't work great for you. If you have a fast dual core or better PC with a decent graphics card though, this is your ticket. It will bring SL to your Ipad in full graphics, and will even let you hear sound (although you can't talk over it). Good Luck!
  4. Originally you had to open up ports on your firewall but they've done away with that. All you have to do now is connect it to your Gmail account and it will automaticly discover your PC when you use it outside of your lan. Yes its an extra step but I'd hardly call it jumping through hoops, and its a huge improvement over poking holes in your firewall. They seem to have improved the performance even more too. I now find it to be very smooth on 4g, with only slightly more lag than playing over my lan. Playing over a remote lan is as smooth as playing locally.
  5. Download an app called Splashtop. Its a remote control program like Logmein or VNC, but its designed to work with games and multimedia. You will have to install a server program on the computer you run SL on, and the computer will have to be on. There is even a beta feature (which works, I've used it) that allows your computer to be discoverable on the internet using your gmail account, so you can use it outside of your local lan. Performance on the local lan is nothing short of spectacular. I've also used it tethered to my 4g phone, and while its laggier than over the lan its still very playable. I have yet to try it via a remote wifi, but if it works this well on 4g I'm sure it would be decent. There are two main advantages that splashtop has to other remote control programs I've use: 1) Its tailored for games, so there is FAR less lag. On the local lan its almost as smooth as sitting at the PC. 2) It streams audio as well as video. I don't know if it works for voice, (I think the audio stream is only 1 way so probably not), but it works great for listening to a live music performance or something. Anyway, give it a try. There's a free version you can try out first that times out every five minutes, more than good enough to get a feel for it. I like this way better than pocket metaverse (which I use on my Ipod Touch), because you get the full, graphical second life experience.
  6. Believe it or not there is actually a way you can do this right now, full graphics and sound and everything, via an app called Splashtop Remote. Yes its another remote control program like Logmein or VNC so you'd need to have your SL PC running and configure some port forwarding if you want to access outside your local lan (although they have an experimental feature out in the latest release that does away with the port forwarding). Now your SL PC will have to be decently fast to do this, but if you've got a PC that runs SL fairly well, you won't believe the performance you get from this. On my local lan I can move around with full graphics with almost no noticeable lag on my 1st Gen Ipad, and I hear its even better with an Ipad 2. It also works just fine tethered to my 4G T-Mobile phone, somewhat choppier but still very playable. I haven't tried it from a remote LAN but if it works on 4G I imagine it would be just fine on a remote lan. More good news, as I said above it also forwards all sound to your ipad so you can hear SL music. I don't know if it works with voice, I have no idea if it forwards sound back from your ipad's mic to SL but I'd be interested to hear if anybody trys this. The best part is that its only around $5 or so (It may have gone up to $7 since I bought it), and you can get a free trial version that disconnects you every 5 minutes, so you can try it before you buy it. Oh, it should also work fine on an iphone too, and there is an android version as well (although the Android version needs some work. It works, but its way behind the IoS version). Good luck, hope this works for you guys as well as it does for me! Cobra P.S. And no I don't work for splashtop or anything, I just think its a very cool app and would like to see it supported so they keep improving it.
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