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  1. SL is a game that has sex in it if u want. Pixel sex AINT sex, it's what's called a "vicarious experience." Same as watching porn aint the same as f---ing. Same as watching movies and liking them, does not mean u actually DID what u saw others do even if it sorta felt like u were there kissing Sandra Bullock. ;=] Role playing is ony pretending, don't matter how GOOD it feels it aint u, its the medium that is making u feel that way. Relax. Don't condemn anyone for pretending something. We ALL do it in one way or another and ull just wind up hating evryonewho aint The Pope..
  2. My avi's in love. He got a gf and set some ground rules. I want to keep rl and sl separate so we agreed; no direct contact between the avatars' motivars such as emails and exchanging texture photos of faces. We use each others' rl first names when we want to directly communicate, which is seldom and we do not know each others last names. I suggested to her owner, her motivar as i call it, that we use the term "indirect love" for the feelings that us human operators may develop for each other. Its like the old English "courtly love" its pure and chaste from afar like in the song The Impossibl
  3. [[[ The terms "virtual" and "real" have largely outlived their usefulness. They imply a binary "EITHER/OR" opposite when the two are in fact much more of a gradiated spectrum ]]] I understand the reality spectrum you are talking about BUT When we lose track of what's real, we lose sanity. Sanity is being HERE, in the natural world of Earth, same as our dog. Granted, the world isn't totally rational all the time BUT it is part of the Astronomical Cosmos whether we understand it all or not. I think this topic is an excellent one. I just had a crush in sl and she found a bf and it was a
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