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  1. I totally do not like having to go to web page to see profiles, PLUS I can't get it to work anyway!. Also on this new viewer, where oh where is search for people gone? Has it been removed because it makes no sense to even have it now that people can hide that they exist? Has anyone ever tried to file an AR only to find they cannot because the person does not show up as existing? I so long for the old format of controls, sighs. This format takes up most my viewing screen and cannot edit the boxes to make them smaller, plus I totally dislike the way messages display, pop up etc.. I just wish LL would stop putting all the fancy but totally unfunctional things on new viewers and concentrate on improving crashing & lag by getting more servers instead of putting several SIMS on a server then telling us we can't use most of the things we buy because we are causing the lag. Would be nice if the pets we buy did not go flying off, or returned off others' property, sick, because the lag is so bad.. Of course these things have been told by so many for so long to them, doubt anything to improve the situation will happen. I would go back to another viewer except my graphics card works a little better with the SL viewer, So many people told me they hated the SL viewer, I just tried the brand new and improved SL viewer , and I sure can see why people are not happy with it.
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