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  1. File an AR as well. What they did to you is unacceptable.
  2. I'm afraid the second one is impossible. Notecards cannot be written or edited by a script. They are read-only. I do have an idea for a workaround if you want to hear it.
  3. I wasn't talking about LindeX. I was talking anout withdrawing on LindeX.
  4. Do they allow buying it from another resident with cash? I know the OP in real life so that would solve his problem.
  5. 1. Bitcoin is not even close to what you think it is. It's basically the same as cash or gold. It has a bad reputation because people always pay attention only to what's wrong. The news isn't always right. If it was, Second Life would be a sex sim and only a sex sim, Mass Effect would also be that, people would be proven guilty because of hearsay, and all computer experts would be criminals. 2. They get paid when you use LindeX. That's all. They only make it against the ToS because they knew they were missing out when people liked the lower fees on some other service. 3. What if you have no card or Paypal? I know someone (who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons) who plays this who legally cannot own a bank account of any kind. Cash only. Otherwise they revoke his rights under the government program he's in. 4. This won't stop laundering. People will just funnel it through LindeX instead, and LL will be paid for your loss. 5. Don't live in America? Then you can't withdraw L$ anymore. Have fun.
  6. I could try doing something like this, but the sims would need to be connected, however, they will not need to be directly connected. If you can (theoretically) walk there without tp'ing, you'd be able to go there. No map prompt because you wouldn't tp, but you would still get where you need to go as long as the sims are not separated by a space with no sim. I'll send you a NC ingame.
  7. Actually, you can have an object that read things emailed to it and then email the object. The adress would be <theObjectsKey>@secondlife.com where <theObjectsKey> is, you guessed it. You could even have the object IM the owner when it gets a message.
  8. Let me get this straight. A guy stole your idea, name, and company, and you're happy?
  9. What you should do is, rather than remove the inventory, switch to a dormant state and keep it that way until it rezzes again. A few corrections. First, the {} only appear INSIDE OF statments, states, and events. The if statement would actually go as follows. //a simplified exampleif (conditionToBeTested){ doSomething}else if (conditionToTestIfFirstIsFalse) //optional{ doSomethingElse}else{ somethingElseCompletely} Also, state_entry() does not have to be there if it has no contents and there are other events in that state. Hope this helps. Happy scripting.
  10. You will need "listen" commands and "whispers". Always use a negative channel. Avatars can't talk on those on their own. I'm guessing you are just starting, though. I would suggest a scripting class at New Citizens Inc. You will also need to learn a special kind of algrbra called "boolean" in order to do any "if" statements. In other words, this is too complicated at your current scripting level. This is not an insult. We were all beginners once. Just learn the basics, then build on that. I would suggest, as your first project, a sphere that changes colors. Don't worry. It gets easier as you learn. Just keep trying to learn, and you will continue to get better.
  11. Maximillien Admiral wrote: Hello all, I have been throwing around an idea for quite some time, and wanted more people opinions about it all. Basically, i am completely obsessed with Mafias and organized crime for a long time - and doing so, I created a mafia on The Sims Online back in the day. It was a huge success, and there were many other mafia families around. I was thinking about doing this now on Second Life. I think it could work very well Lets say someone wants to start a business, they join/come to the Mafia and we give them the money for the tier, basically paying their rent every week. They start it and make it successful, and pay back the family a certain percent. We could use the money they pay back to start another business. You've captured my interest. Are you still accepting family members?
  12. Have you tried joining groups? There are clubs, usually clean, with groups that say when the events are. Just use the search function. If you are using viewer 1.23 or 2, it is in the upper-right. EDIT: Forgot to say welcome, so...welcome!
  13. I have a similar problem. I bought something that was rather expensive. I got an empty wooden box delivered to me. I contacted the seller who proceeded to curse me out and call my mother's decency into question. Five minutes later, got a warning from LL because the seller sent a doctored log, with the names switched. Any ideas on what to do to both get my refund and remove the false charge?
  14. Sorry. I didn't get the notecard. Are you sure it was sent to me? I have "Resident" as my last name.
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