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  1. i have my paypal and credit card on here but i dont wanna use my paypal i wanna use my credit card and everytime i try 2 buy l$ it takes money from my paypal not credit card can somebody help me please thanx =)
  2. when i try 2 log in with second life beta it wont let me teleport and im stuck in this 1 place its the only one i can use so that i can see my items i need it to work please tell me if theres something i have to do
  3. i wanna last name and i wanna change my first can some1 tell me where 2 go 2 change it?
  4. yeah im talking about when i buy it and yes it dose say i can change it i was just making sure =)
  5. yeah it says that it is and i looovvvveee the face lol its the body but thanx <3 (:
  6. i love the face but the body isn't right it says i can modify it but i could do i have 2 pay it first or i just can't change it i hope i can =(
  7. i really need to know fast before i buy like how many l$ do i get...if i do get any and how often whats the perks?
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