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  1. It's been a while since I've visited, but I am still a 'member.' I'm finding that, while I can view destinations from the main screen, I can't seem to teleport to any of them. What am I missing?
  2. I bought property and built a house My 'owner' Wildfire Wolcott sold off everything to someone else. My 'home' appears to be gone! What recourse do I have to get it back, or am I just SOL??
  3. Thank you. Indeed, I was paying tier to the owner, but when she sold out, apparently that ended and the new owner didn't bother to say anything like, "Hey Dude, want to continue to rent here?" Maybe you or someone else can recommend some long-standing good landlords.
  4. I have not been 'in world' for quite some time. I learned that the owner of the land I 'rented' sold out when my monthly payment to her was cancelled. The new owner never notified me - or at least not that I was aware of - and now it seems the property I had and the house and stuff on it is gone. Am I just SOL on this with no recourse?
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