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  1. This is awesome! I wouldnt mind dating an older man. Not sure of those reasons listed. lol Happy valentine's day
  2. This post is very interesting: Im single in RL and SL and I still get valentine's day gifts and greetings. I frequent clubs all the time on sl and I get in the corner and dance by myself. Its my time to myself after a long day. Here is the thing. I dont use sl to get attention from anyone, nor do I blame others (esp. DJ's) for my non happiness. Im a dj of 18 years and counting so I understand when singles come to the club and most dont have dances. I make sure I greet them and I ask single men to dance with the single ladies. So basically the choice is yours. I say if it bothers you that much go to single clubs. Just my opinion. Dr Kelly Kay
  3. Hi, I would like to start a relationship group at my center would like to know if anyone would be interested in getting together with a few people wanting to have Second life relationships of their choice. If so how would you go about it? So I would like to have this group to help those struggling with relationship disorders. Im one of them so I could use the help and suggestions and Im sure they are many out here like me. I look forward to your response. Dr. Kelly Kay-Matter's of the Heart
  4. I think its between you and your partner what rules or boundaries you set for your relationship. Many partnerships I see here dont mind open partnership. However if you really care about the person and vice-versa then an outside sl relationship wouldnt be a good idea. Dr Kelly Kay-Matter's of the Heart Psychiatric Center
  5. age verification is not accepting my info keeps saying my info is wrong thats my age and my ssn last 4. I dont know w hat else it wants
  6. I have furniture I think how do I place it in linden home.
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